How To Bring Emotional Intelligence To Your Christmas Video Campaign

How do you launch the perfect Christmas campaign? What kind of festive content will resonate the strongest with your audience? When and how do you launch it?

Unruly has not only been delivering awesome Xmas campaigns since 2006, but has also analysed the most important content and distribution trends of the last decade. So we have all the data and insight you need to turn your campaign into a Christmas cracker. And we have put it all into a handy insight paper, which you can download here.

It includes loads of insights and tips on how to create and launch successful Christmas campaigns.

For example, we all know that emotions play a key part at Christmas, but do you know how much?

Well, did you know that Xmas ads are 51% more likely to elicit an intense emotional reaction than the average ad. Or that the average ad makes 2.5% of people actually laugh?

How about the fact that Amazon made the most effective Christmas ad of 2016?

To see these insights and more, check our tips for #winningchristmas below: