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KFC Gets Retro: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly scours every corner of the web for the funniest, saddest and weirdest ads around – then we put them into a handy list so you can catch up before the weekend.

This week’s batch includes ads from KFC, H&M and Camden Town Brewery.

But before we jump into this week’s ads – we’ve got some news! After many years of bringing you the best bits of creative from the world wide web, ‘5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now’ will now becoming a monthly update rather than a weekly column.

This column will be replaced by a new weekly blog post, ‘News You Can Use’ – a rundown of the most important Adland stories of the week.

So without further ado, enjoy!


5. KFC – Meet the New GPS Cassette Tape

KFC is bringing back the 90s with its latest spot, showing its customers that the easy path isn’t always the best path. Dubbed the world’s “first-ever GPS cassette”, it features Colonel Sanders telling listeners how to drive from its HQ in Louisville, Kentucky, all the way to Marietta, Georgia, where its famous 56 feet tall animatronic chicken lives.


4. H&M – The Fall Collection

Keeping up with the #ThrowBackThursday theme, H&M pays homage to the British pop duo Wham! It features a lip-syncing Naomi Campbell touting the clothing brand’s fall collection through the streets of Tokyo. Does Naomi Campbell teach lessons on how to strut? Because we’re ready to sign up.


3. Lifetime – Ride Away With Me

In one of the more humorous ads of the week, Lifetime pokes fun at itself with this 30-second spot premiering its new tagline, “Leave the bad decisions to us”. In this scenario, the incredibly bad and illegal decision is a student/teacher affair that goes oh so terribly wrong.


2. Camden Town Brewery – Meet The Beer Team

Camden Town Brewery’s first-ever TV campaign was certainly worth the wait. Featuring four characters (including a blues musician named Papa George), you’ll finish watching this ad and be ready to grab a beer (or four).


1. Party City – The Way You Look Tonight

Just in time for the 31st, Party City launches its new Halloween campaign, featuring its new tagline “Oh, it’s on”. This sweet and simple spot sets out to get you ready to dress to impress for the big occasion. Boo!