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New Research Raises Questions Around Online Video Viewability Standards

Does the ad industry need to look again at its online viewability standards?

Renowned Australian academic Professor Karen Nelson-Field certainly thinks so. Long-time Unruly collaborator Prof Nelson-Field today published fresh research questioning whether the minimum threshold of what counts as a ‘chargeable view’ – 50% of the video being visible for two continuous seconds – is enough.

Prof Nelson-Field argues that when a video ad is seen at less than 100% it has a serious effect on the effectiveness of the campaign. In other words, if an audience cannot see an ad, how can it have any impact?

The main findings of her report, conducted at the University of Adelaide alongside her colleague Dr Erica Riebe, include:

  • The current minimum threshold standard does drive an impact, but there is material uplift in sales above 50% pixels and 2 seconds;
  • Pixels matter the most, with increases in sales coming more from increases in % of pixels on screen than from time on screen; the impact split around 70:30;
  • 100% pixels consistently outperforms the standard, by twice as much, regardless of time on screen.


What is Unruly doing?

The recently released Unruly UNmissable format, as the name suggests, is designed to be fully viewable.

100% of the ad’s pixels are in view for the duration of the video. Compatible on both mobile and desktop, the format helps advertisers reach and engage their audiences across Unruly’s trusted premium network in an effective and engaging manner.

The format fully complies with the Coalition of Better Ads and scores well against the IAB’s LEAN framework.