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Case Study: How Nielsen DAR PMPs Can Supercharge Your CPG Campaign

At Unruly we know only too well that great content will only get you so far and that targeted distribution is the key to online video success.

That’s why we’re so proud of our suite of targeting tools, including our Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) marketplaces, which allow advertisers to be 100% confident that their ad is reaching the right people. 

This was the case with a CPG baby brand we worked with earlier this year, which saw great success using DAR to monitor and optimise its campaign.

So let’s take a look at the results!


What is Nielsen DAR?

First things first, what exactly is DAR? Nielsen DAR is one of the most commonly used tools globally for third-party verification and allows media buyers to monitor what percentage of views are being delivered to a specific audience through daily reports. Global advertisers like Unilever and GroupM use Nielsen. In fact, GroupM has been using the product since it was known as OCR (Online Campaign Ratings).

At Unruly our viewable video SSP, UnrulyX, allows programmatic buyers to purchase private marketplaces that only contain premium publishers which meet and exceed Nielsen DAR audience benchmarks in the US, UK and Australia.


So what were the results?

The CPG baby brand wanted to reach a DAR audience of women aged 24-44, so Unruly created PMPs from a bespoke white list, targeting this core audience across our network of premium publishers.

UnrulyX delivered nearly 3 million completed views between April and June, with a 30-second completion rate on mobile of 61% – outperforming benchmarks by more than 165% (below).


As well as being on-target, Unruly’s in-house brand safety team and third-party verification mean our ad formats exceed MOAT benchmarks for viewability by +28%.

Our award-winning Operations team was able to analyse results daily, ensuring the campaign met and exceeded Nielsen’s benchmark for the number of on-target views that should be delivered.

Overall Unruly’s PMP increased the percentage of on-target impressions by 2.5% and delivered up to 25% more on-target views than Open Exchange.