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Nike Smiles & London Is Open: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly does the hard work for you – we watch all the ads from the last seven days and bring you the best ones to catch up on before the weekend.

This week’s round-up includes some powerful storytelling from Nike and a great comic spot from Babbel.

There is also a powerful message from Amnesty International on behalf of women in Ireland. With an Amendment 8 referendum scheduled for next year, the charity makes a strong case for repeal.

Elsewhere, a message from the London Mayor’s Office shows off everything London has to offer this summer, while Luvs’ relatable story of parenthood is sure to make you laugh.

So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!


5. Mayor of London – London is Open

Set to an upbeat summer soundtrack and including cameos from some of our best loved Brits (think Tom Daley and Zoella), this advert amps up the summer excitement. As part of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s #LondonIsOpen campaign, this video reminds the world that everyone is welcome in London.


4. Luvs – First Kid, Second Kid


Luvs uses a universal truth as a backdrop to this humorous advert – that parents obsess way more over their first child than any that come after. A guaranteed giggle, this video subtly hints that second-time parents (the ‘experts’) know to use Luvs.


3. Nike – Mo Farah: Smile


Nike pays tribute to sporting legend Mo Farah with some great visual and audio storytelling, celebrating Farah’s grit and determination that normally goes unseen. This dynamic montage gets its rhythm from London-born spoken-word artist George the Poet, who reminds us that behind every smile there is a story.


2. Babbel – Missing Out

This entertaining hidden-camera video gets a good laugh while also making an important point – we might all be missing out on a private yacht if we only speak English. With an amusing montage of ‘Brits abroad’, Babbel makes a good case for picking up a new language.


1. Amnesty International – 25 Annoying Things About Being Pregnant

In this video, Amnesty International makes a powerful statement about the effect the 8th Amendment has on the lives of women in Ireland by cutting suddenly from funny ‘cankles’ anecdotes to the grief of a forced pregnancy. The unexpected turn this video takes when the light-hearted music stops and the true purpose of the video is revealed makes it shocking and very shareable.


*This post was written by Lola Rose Wood, who joined Unruly for work experience this week.