Unruly / Blog / Ford Gets Neighbourly & Coca-Cola Falls In Love: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Ford Gets Neighbourly & Coca-Cola Falls In Love: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Unruly every week scours the web for the latest and greatest ads and then gathers them all up into a handy round-up so you can catch up on anything you missed before the weekend.

This week’s batch includes two very different autos ads from Volkswagen and Ford – as well as an unconventional love story courtesy of Coca-Cola.

There is also a flashy spot from BT Sports starring Spurs and England star Dele Alli.

So without further ado, here you go. Enjoy!


5. Miscarriage Association – Simply Say

This spot from the Miscarriage Association is a short and effective animation that advises viewers on what to say if they know someone who’s been through a miscarriage. The ad is simple and clear in its message – and is part of a larger campaign, which you can read about here.


4. Volkswagen – The Blind Photographer and the new Arteon


This ad from Volkswagen features the sort of visual flair and design that you’d expect from a 2017 autos ad, but puts an interesting spin on the formula with its choice of artist – blind photographer Peter Eckert. The ad is an engrossing look at a particularly nuanced creative process and doubles up well as a glitzy showcase for the brand’s new model.


3. Ford – Be A Good Neighbour


As short-form video undergoes big changes in best practice, smart brands are adapting their strategies to a variety of platforms. This spot from Ford is undeniably intended for social feeds, thanks to its familiar ‘listicle’ format and sound-off approach (achieved with baked in subtitles and title cards).


2. Coca-Cola – A Bottle Love Story


Plenty of brands talk the talk when it comes to sustainability, but it’s rare that we see this affect creative decisions. This stop-motion animated ad from Coca-Cola uses entirely recycled materials to create a surprisingly charming story about two bottles – the making of documentary is also definitely worth a watch too.


1. BT Sport – Being Dele

This ad from BT Sport features England and Spurs star Dele Alli mastering a whole bunch of different sports, from MMA to basketball, all available through the channel’s sports services. It’s a slick ad with a pounding soundtrack that will definitely appeal to sports fans of all ilks.