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Unruly Receives Anti-Fraud Seal From JICWEBS

We’re passionate about brand safety at Unruly. We recently became the only video SSP to receive an independent review certifying our compliance with the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Inventory Quality Guidelines (IGQ).

Fresh off the heels of that certification, we’re also happy to report that this week we became one of only three companies to receive the Anti-Fraud Seal from JICWEBS (The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards in the UK and Ireland). We received the seal, as verified by independent auditor ABC, for demonstrating we have met JICWEBS’ Good Practice Principles for reducing the risk of exposure to ad fraud.

The industry has been on high alert when it comes to ad fraud and brand safety practices. Unruly’s dedicated Shield team combines a suite of technologies (in-house tech, third-party integrations, industry certifications and daily quality assurances) with a dedicated team of individuals whose sole job is to ensure these practices are up to speed and that our clients are protected.

Unruly’s in-house Shield team also works with trusted partners, including Moat and Integral Ad Science, to verify both viewability levels and human traffic.

JICWEBS was created by the UK and Ireland media industry to ensure the independent development of standards for measuring performance online and benchmarking best practice for online ad trading.