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Apple Dominates The Day & P&G Talks: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly travels to the far corners of the web to bring you the greatest ads of the last seven days.

This week’s selection of videos includes spots from Pizza Hut, Apple and P&G – as well as an unusual turn from Royal Mail.

The UK’s national postal service (if you didn’t know) isn’t particularly known for its adrenaline-inducing spots, which makes its latest ad even more intriguing.

Set inside a post office held up by armed robbers, the commerical has a few twists that will definitely make you think.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a huge brand spot from Apple, who partnered with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to produce a Michael Bay-esque spectacle, and a hilarious ad from Pizza Hut featuring Kristen Wiig.



5. Royal Mail – Heist

You might not think of intense, crime-based action when you think of Royal Mail,  but that’s exactly what the brand has gone for in this latest ad – which warns against the danger of identity theft and fraud.


4. Fruit of the Loom – Back to School


Children drawing on walls with markers seems to be one of those universal parenting experiences, which is why it seems like the perfect topic for an ad. The spot from Fruit of the Loom is full of childlike wonder and some clever special effects, showing kids running through a house casting spells until the inevitable reveal that (you guessed it) – those weren’t wands.


3. Pizza Hut – #NooneOutPizzastheHut


Kristen Wiig stars in this latest campaign for Pizza Hut, which extols the importance of ‘oven hot’ pizza. Wiig is a charismatic lead, and provides plenty of laughs as she inhabits a multitude of characters through the ad’s 60-second run.


2. iPhone 7 – The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day


What happens when you bring together one of the world’s biggest brands, an instantly-recognisable voice assistant, and the biggest celebrity of the moment? Well, you get this action-packed, internet-breaking ad from Apple. Starring The Rock and his trademark charm, this 2-minute spot is everything you’d expect and more.


1. P&G/My Black Is Beautiful – The Talk


This powerful video from P&G for their community/charity arm My Black is Beautiful focuses on ‘the talk’ that many black parents have with their children about racism. It’s a sobering ad highlighting the fact that discrimination and prejudice are still an expected part of life for many people, including young children.