Unruly / Blog / Ford Gets Sensitive & IKEA Relaxes: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Ford Gets Sensitive & IKEA Relaxes: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly scours the web to bring you the best 5 ads from around the world.

This week we’ve got effective and emotional spots from Volvo, McDonald’s and Ford – as well as a truly weird and wonderful ad from IKEA starring a bipedal Lion.

Cute kids make two appearances on this week’s list, first in a familiar format from JetBlue where they describe their perfect family holiday, and then again in a charming ad for Volvo.

The Volvo ad takes the viral video cliche of an unboxing video and blows it up to gigantic, and record-breaking, proportions.

Elsewhere in the list is a stylish French ad from McDonald’s, which is able to cross national borders by eschewing dialogue and conveying emotions in subtle nods.

So without further ado, enjoy!


5. JetBlue – Little Tickets


This ad from American airline JetBlue isn’t the first to put cute kids in professional settings (remember this Velvet ad?) but its delightful set and core sentiment – that kids want to spend more time with their parents – make for a charming end result.


4. Ford – Car Sensitive


We all know people who are a little over-protective of their car, whose plush leather seats and gleaming paint job hold an exclusive place in their hearts. Well, this ad from Ford takes it to the extreme – introducing us to a dad whose fear of the slightest scratch or bump interrupts his family life. Until that is, he goes to an official Ford repair shop.


3. IKEA – Lion Man #WonderfulEveryday


Certainly, one of the weirder ads on this week’s list, ‘Lion Man’ from IKEA uses the idea that Lions sleep for 18 hours a day as a launchpad to explore the power and importance of relaxation. The ad works thanks to its oddly engrossing star, and it’s warm hug-of-a-voiceover.


2. Volvo – The World’s Largest Unboxing

Unboxing videos are a mainstay of YouTube culture, as are record breaking attempts. Volvo brings these two together in this charming ad starring Joel, a 3-year-old who, you guessed it, absolutely LOVES trucks. The spot’s childlike enthusiasm is actually pretty infectious, and it’s set up (complete with giant toy box) is certainly novel.


1. McDonald’s – Le McFlurry au coeur d’une histoire d’amour


This ad from TBWA/Paris and McDonald’s is about as smooth and French as you’d expect from the agency. Part of a series each focusing on different stories, this spot follows an elderly gent who deliberately spills McFlurry on himself every morning. The wordless plot, coupled with gorgeous direction and soundtrack, all comes together to create a surprisingly charming and effective ad.