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Calvin Klein Partners With The XX & Volkswagen Pushes Buttons: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly gathers up the 5 best bits of creative from the past week and compiles them in this handy list.

This week we’ve got movie references from Volkswagen, TV references from KFC – and a musical number from Calvin Klein.

Kicking off the list is a pretty impressive ad from Volkswagen which parodies a whole bunch of button-based scenes from famous films – from Star Wars to Indiana Jones.

Continuing the pop-culture theme is a Game of Thrones spot for KFC, starring Hodor himself, and an effective brand partnership from Calvin Klein and indie superstars The xx.



5. Volkswagen ‘The Button’


Parodying movie scenes is not a new trick in advertising (most recently we had this Ferris Bueller spot from Dominoes) but it’s pretty rare to see 10+ movies referenced in 60 seconds. This ad from Volkswagen cleverly riffs on supervillains from cinema history to show us the (slightly maniacal) power you can get at the push of a button in their hybrid models.


4. Otterbox Cooler


You can’t argue with Otterbox’s durability – this latest ad literally features a bear attacking their product. The critter is ultimately unsuccessful, despite its bizarre resourcefulness, but the stubborn attitude is sure to make anyone watching crack a smile.


3. Calvin Klein – The XX, I Dare You

Following the release of their recent album ‘I See You’, UK indie darlings The xx have partnered with Calvin Klein to produce this 90s-inspired music video for their song (and love-letter to Los Angeles) ‘I Dare You’. The short film has a great aesthetic, and Calvin Klein carefully walks the line of being ever-present without intruding.


2. Public Mobile – Audition Tapes

Public Mobile takes a different look at mobile advertising by creating a series of four short videos taken from the tapes of the auditions it held. From rock climbing to paragliding the determination of the actors coupled with their drab surroundings makes for an entertaining ad.


1. KFC – Lunchtime is coming

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan this ad from KFC will make perfect sense, if you’re not – you probably won’t get it. The ‘hold the door’ meme is pretty played out by now, but the brand’s inclusion of the man himself, actor Kristian Nairn, makes the ad worthwhile – and will probably bring a tear to fans’ eyes.