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Microsoft Commutes & Mercedes-Benz Paints: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly scours the web for the latest and greatest bits of creative and then brings them together in this handy list so you can catch up before the weekend.

This week’s selection features plenty of tear-jerking moments – with ads from adidas, Mercedes-Benz and Budweiser all telling real-life stories.

Kicking off our list is a collaboration between Budweiser, charity Folds of Honours and actor Adam Driver. The ad tells the story of a military veteran, his daughter, and one life-changing opportunity.

Rounding our the list is another emotional spot, this time from Mercedes-Benz Canada, celebrating Pride month.

So without further ado – enjoy!


5. Budweiser & Folds of Honour – A Dream Delivered

This ad from Budweiser & military charity Folds of Honour manages to achieve the perfect balance between inspiring and tearjerking. The documentary-style spot tells the story of a young nurse whose father was injured just before he was meant to deploy. The use of real hospital footage alongside her narration makes for powerful and emotional storytelling.


4. Microsoft – Ode to The Journey

In this engaging and unique spot from Microsoft, the brand aims to sell Londoners on the idea that their daily commute might actually be a good thing. Using a spoken word poem from artist Suli Breaks, the long form ad travels across the city by various means, exploring the potential inspiration these journeys can give us.


3. adidas – Uprising #FanTheFire

In its latest campaign, adidas uses the moving story of 18-year-old Indian figure skater Nischay Luthra to draw attention to the challenges faced by certain Indian athletes. Luthra’s mother narrates his story, and this sentimental touch combined with the striking visual elements of the ad creates something that is both warm and motivational.


2. Nike Air Jordan – Westbrook MVP


This ‘Schoolhouse Rock’-style cartoon ad from Nike features a playful rap track based on Russell Westbrook, star of Oklahoma City Thunder, owner of the famous ‘0’ jersey, and recent recipient of the NBA’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) award. The catchy tune and nostalgic animation style is sure to have you bopping in your seat and whistling for the rest of the day.


1. Mercedes-Benz Canada – Painted with Love

This longer ad from Mercedes-Benz explores the stories of 5 LGBTQ+ people and how each of them have experienced some form of homophobic or transphobic vandalism. The spot uses their stories as inspiration and features an artist who creates a new mural – turning their negative experiences into something fundamentally positive and life-affirming.