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Martini Plays With Time & Nike Goes Off A Cliff: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

As Cannes Lions wraps up and celebrates the greatest ads from the past 12 months, Unruly looks to more recent history and picks out the best spots from the past seven days.

This week’s selection includes an engaging animated spot from Mercedes-Benz and some toe-tapping tunes from Martini and muun.

Elsewhere in the list is a uniquely explosive ad from Nike Australia and Wieden+Kennedy, released as part of a campaign intended to get more young Australians interested in sports.

Rounding out the selection is a moving ad from SK-II which challenges the idea that women in Asia should be married by the time they’re 30.



5. Mercedes-Benz – Tongue Twisters: Biker

This clever ad from Mercedes-Benz is an engaging take on the problem of making road safety tech interesting and appealing. It uses a fast moving animation style, from artist Norma Bar, that twists and turns along with the script and keeps the viewer engrossed for its short 25” run.


4. Martini – Play With Time


Certain ads capture the feeling of summer perfectly – and this beautiful, sun-soaked spot from Martini achieves this with signature Italian flair. The ad flits between citizens of some impeccably clean Italian town as they dash for their spot at the bar where, of course, everyone is drinking some very appealing looking martini cocktails.


3. muun – None Fits All (feat. Vinnie Jones)

This ad from muun, a German mattress brand, is curious not only for its use of Vinnie Jones (yep, that Vinnie Jones) but also because of the weird and wonderful way it uses its star. Taking obvious cues from Hotline Bling, the ad uses muted pastel colours, a killer song and some very odd dad-dancing to promote the idea that, ultimately, comfort is the most important thing.


2. Nike Australia – The Cliff


Nike’s ads vary in scope, from the gigantic to the personal, and its latest effort – aimed at Australian viewers – lies somewhere in the middle. “The Cliff” is part of a multi-ad campaign that features creatives all centred around the idea of putting yourself in an inescapable situation. ‘The Cliff’ seems like the clearest articulation of this idea, and its striking visuals and lack of dialogue come together to create a really memorable ad.


1. SK-II – The Expiry Date


This powerful ad from SKII comes as the brand continues to champion women and challenge conventions and expectations for women in Asia. It’s a moving spot that spans three countries and three women’s lives, and it’s hard not to feel inspired by the end of it.