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Lacoste Is Timeless & Audi Reacts: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly rounds up the 5 best ads from the past week, and then puts them together in this handy list for your viewing pleasure.

This week’s ads are a varied bunch, with bank robbers and dentists, election talk from Channel 4 and even some time-travel from Lacoste.

Elsewhere in the list, we’ve got an interesting ad from Audi that shows off the brand’s new computing systems with some cool visuals and an unexpected soundtrack.

Rounding out the selection is a “This Girl Can”-inspired ad from UEFA. The ad marks a concerted effort by UEFA to raise awareness of, and interest in, women’s football and succeeds in presenting the game as an exciting, diverse and undeniably social experience.



5. Lacoste – Timeless


This ad from Lacoste is classic time-skip fare, with its starring couple chasing each other through different environments and time periods while their outfits stay the same. It’s a visually appealing spot that does a good job of highlighting the brand’s classic style, particularly its signature polo, which first appeared over 80 years ago!


4. Audi – React


While this spot from Audi lacks the adrenaline-pumping visuals we’re used to seeing in autos ads, it successfully hones in on the brand’s newest features and impressive computing systems. This focus is cleverly matched with a slowed down version of ‘If I Only Had A Brain’ and some cool, augmented reality-looking imagery.


3. Aspen Dental – Bank


Advertising dentistry services can’t be easy – mainly due to most people’s severe aversion to dentists. That’s what makes this comic ad from Aspen Dental so appealing. It cleverly presents dentists as heroes, instead of villains, and manage to pack in at least one genuinely funny joke.


2. Channel 4 – Remember Your First Time?

With the UK’s General Election fast approaching, various brands and organisations are producing PSA-style spots encouraging people, especially young people, to vote. This attention-grabbing and funny ad from Channel 4 is the most effective we’ve seen – and is about as edgy as you’d expect from the brand.


1. UEFA – Together #WePlayStrong

This inspiring and energetic ad from UEFA is determined to get more young women involved in football and wears its Sport England influence on its sleeve. Completed by a pounding soundtrack, some special effects, and plenty of people – this ad is a must-watch.