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Gillette Asks Dad & Three UK Goes Roaming: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Unruly each week scours the web for the 5 best bits of video advertising – and then pops them in this handy list for your viewing pleasure.

In this week’s round-up we’ve got a surprising number of animated animals, an obnoxious yoga class, breathtaking vistas and some weepy interviews.

Kicking off our list is a weird (and slightly scary) ad from Three Mobile featuring one of the most unusual stars we’ve ever seen – think Samsung’s Ostrich ad meets Dr. Moreau.

Also on the list is an unexpected and interesting ad from Magnum featuring original character designs by Uli Meyer of Space Jam fame.

We’ve also got a funny spot from organic deodorant brand PiperWai, a breathtakingly cinematic ad from Sony Bravia, and an emotional spot from Gillette that will definitely make you want to call your dad.



5. Three UK – Go Roam


Three Mobile made its name by making weird but funny ads featuring quirky characters – dancing pony anyone? And the latest spot from the network provider continues this tradition with a bizarre ad featuring a surprisingly well-animated Giraffe/Flamingo hybrid.


4. Magnum – Release The Beast (Moschino x Cara Delevingne)


The inclusion of it-girl/model/actress Cara Delevingne in this latest spot continues Magnum’s penchant for picking young, famous faces to front its campaigns. That said, the ad’s real stars are the animated beasts that Cara Delevingne passes – brought to life by legendary Uli Meyer, the artist behind the animated characters in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Space Jam”.


3. PiperWai – Your Odour Offends Me

PiperWai is an organic deodorant brand that made waves this week with this funny spot featuring comedians Manon Matthews and JP Spears – the latter most famous for his social media parody skits around ‘clean living’. The ad is funny, if a little long, and does a good job of showing off its stars comedy chops as well as the products’ defining features.


2. Sony Bravia – Earth Rising


There’s not much to say about this impressive ad from Sony Bravia. It features breathtaking visuals, the Earth rising over the Moon, and a pop-ballad soundtrack that makes the spot feel even more epic.


1. Gillette – This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad


With Father’s Day in the US and UK fast approaching, brands are starting to tug on our heartstrings. This moving ad from Gillette is the first tear-jerker of the year and highlights the way that technology can sometimes create barriers that impact communication between families.