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Barclays Skips The Ad & Canon Lives For The Story: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly scours the web for the latest and greatest ads over the last seven days and then pops them all in this handy list for your viewing pleasure.

This week’s selection is a varied bunch, with a spiritual successor to GEICO’s ‘Unskippable’ ad from Barclays, as well as interesting branding pieces from Canon and Toyota.

Elsewhere on the list we’ve got a refreshing spot from Avon – which aims to stand out from the beauty crowd by poking fun at cliches.

We’ve also got a compelling ad from New Balance starring English cricket team captain Joe Root, which seems heavily inspired by Under Armour and uses this tone to great effect.

So without further ado, here you go.



5. Toyota – Crash Test Dummies


This ad from Toyota manages to be both weird and charming. It tells the story of a thrill-seeking crash dummy who’s retired because the brand’s cars are just too safe and is now on the hunt for a new adrenaline-inducing experience. The ad is short and sweet, and undoubtedly unique.


4. Avon – Overpromises

This sharp ad from Avon takes aim at many of the advertising cliches that beauty brands employ. From pseudo-scientific materials and chemical explanations to weirdly specific aspirational imagery and red-carpet glitz and glamour – this spot takes them all down. The cynical, honest approach to the ad also cleverly matches Avon’s descriptions of its ‘True’ product line – which is a minimal and ‘natural looking’ makeup range.


3. Barclays – Skip Ad

This latest ad from Barclays was produced by The Martin Agency, the same agency that created Unskippable for Geico – a perennial favourite and Cannes Lions winner. The similarities between ‘Skip Ad’ and ‘Unskippable’ are fairly obvious – both play with the pre-roll format in a meta way that ends up being both engaging and creative. It’s also worth mentioning that both brands deal with finance and insurance, not typically the most revolutionary sectors when it comes to branding.


2. Canon – Live For The Story


Camera brand Canon is attempting to reach a younger audience with this international campaign. The focus on making the most of life and experiencing new things is definitely a trend we’ve seen millennial brands embrace, and this ad does a good job of telling a compelling story. It has an interesting soundtrack and impressive production design, particularly during the first half, making it especially noteworthy.


1. New Balance – #MyFutureSelf: Joe Root


This energetic ad from New Balance is engaging and moody without being overly serious or self-serious.  It’s clearly influenced by Under Armour’s series of spots from last year, with its muted colour palette and singular focus on one specific athlete. It’s also similar to those ads in the way that it shows off the hard work, dedication and sacrifice needed to reach a high-level of success in sports, rather than focusing on the glory of winning or the trappings of fame.