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Google Takes Us Home & Amazon Puts On A Show: 5 IoT Ads You Should Watch Right Now

In case you hadn’t heard – we unveiled our exciting new Home project this week.

To mark the occasion we thought we’d show you five of our favourite recent ads for the connected home and IOT devices.

Kicking off the list is a great ad from Roost, whose wi-fi enabled connected batteries can be slotted into pre-existing smoke alarms to make them ‘smart’.

We’ve also got an innovative spot from Samsung, whose product push after the release of the Galaxy S8 includes an interesting take on wireless charging.

Elsewhere in this week’s selection, you’ll see a pretty mind-blowing ad from Directline, as well as interesting ads from both Amazon and Google showing off their voice assistants.

So without further ado, here are the 5 ads you should watch right now.



5. Roost – Meet the Roost Smart Battery

This ad from Roost is fairly self-explanatory, but its innovative product means this is certainly worth a watch. By turning your regular old smoke alarm into smart devices, you can be alerted to a problem no matter where you are.


4. Samsung – Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible


Although wireless chargers are not entirely new, both cost and portability are often a problem. That’s what makes Samsung’s ‘convertible’ charger so interesting. It’s surprisingly simple, and this very smooth ad does a great job of showing off its elegant and flexible design.


3. Directline – Fleetlights

This awesome ad from Directline seems almost too good to be true, and is certainly a concept that’s quite far off. The moody ad shows a world where walking down dark country lanes and tackling hair-pin bends in the middle of the night are no longer a problem – thanks to your incoming fleet of drone escorts. Small quadcopters follow a car illuminating the road ahead in this intriguing and unique vision of the future.


2. Amazon – Echo Show


Much of the conversation around connected devices has centred on Amazon’s Alexa range and their effective voice-command systems. The newly-announced Echo Show marks an interesting step as it introduces a screen to the Alexa family – and this short spot does well to show off the device’s potential.


1. Google Home – Be more at home

One of the questions that comes up as we begin to bring more tech into the home is whether it bring us together, or drives us apart? This very human, emotional ad from Google Home goes some way to tackling this question, and shows families of all shapes and sizes using the assistant as an undeniably social tool.