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Spotify Reminisces & Heineken Discusses: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly rounds up the latest and greatest ads for your viewing pleasure, so you can catch up on anything you missed before the weekend.

This week’s batch features pop stars, people pretending to be dogs, and real mums.

Elsewhere in the list is an interesting and unique ad from Heineken. The spot is an antidote to the opinionated world of social media and encourages people to build bridges rather than walls.

Rounding out the selection is a genuinely hilarious ad from Spotify, and a moving and inspiring spot from Unilever’s new brand – Baby Dove.



5. American Family Insurance – Duet with Jennifer Hudson


Sometimes an ad can be cheesy enough that it just works. That’s certainly the case with this musical ad from American Family Insurance, which sees singer Jennifer Hudson join a busker for a toe-tapping rendition of Bill Wither’s classic ‘Lovely Day’.


4. Pedigree – Pick Me


Pedigree’s adoption scheme has produced some pretty great ads recently, and this latest spot is just as bizarre – and just as bizarrely effective. The spot flips the script on the normal animal-based PSA videos by putting people in cages instead – and it just gets weirder from there.


3. Spotify Dinner

It’s fair to say that Spotify has been killing it with video campaigns recently, and this funny 30-second spot continues their winning streak. Part of the magic is how unexpected the punchline is – so just enjoy!


2. Baby Dove – #RealMoms


This short and sweet ad from Unilever’s new brand Baby Dove is a thoughtful take on what it means to be a mum in 2017. Reflecting the brand’s larger focus on its ‘unstereotype’ campaign, the ad shows us women from all walks of life deciding on their own terms how to be a ‘good mum’.


1. Heineken – Worlds Apart


As brands become more eager to weigh-in on bigger social topics, this ad from Heineken is a refreshing change of pace. Rather than present the brand’s own opinions and agenda, it focuses on the value of discussion and empathy by bringing together members of the public with starkly different views in order to focus on what unites, rather than divides us.