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5 Programmatic Advertising Stats You Can’t Ignore

Programmatic ad spend has been growing at record speed for the last few years, with a new report from eMarketer predicting that programmatic display spend will reach nearly $33bn this year.

We were curious how this programmatic revolution was affecting the world of video, so we dug into the data to see how different markets are progressing in the programmatic landscape.

Here’s what we found:


1. More than ¾ of all video dollars in the US will transact programmatically by 2018

That’s right, more than three-quarters! And we’re already on our way there in the US. More than half of all video inventory in the US was traded programmatically in 2016. That comes from eMarketer’s latest report, which also suggests that portion will grow another 42.3% this year – reaching more than $9bn.


2. Indonesia and Malaysia lead the pack in programmatic ad spend in APAC 

What’s most striking when looking at eMarketer’s analysis of programmatic growth in APAC is the speed at which this market is expected to explode. Indonesia spent $40m in 2015 but is expected to soar to $244m by 2019, followed by Malaysia, which spent $34m in 2015 and is expected to jump to $77m in the same time period. Watch this space!



3. More than half of all programmatic ad spend in Australia will go to video by 2019

In 2015, display took home almost three-quarters (74%) of programmatic ad spend. In 2019, eMarketer expects video will tip the scales and hoover up 55% of programmatic budgets in Australia.


4. 85% of mobile digital display ads in the US will be programmatic by 2019

Yes, we said we would look at how programmatic is affecting video, but this number was too big not to dive into! Already, eMarketer reports that 8 in 10 mobile display deals are programmatic, so this isn’t too surprising. Through our own platforms, we’re already seeing that 67% goes to mobile versus desktop across our 1,300+ publishers (UnrulyX Top Level Reporting).



5. Programmatic spend on desktop and mobile video increased 56% in the UK

According to the IAB/PwC Digital Adspend Report, 72% of display advertising in the UK was traded programmatically in 2016, up from 63% in 2015. The study also forecasts that 80-90% of digital display will be programmatic by 2019.


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