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Three Things Unruly Is Doing For Earth Day 2017 – Which You Can Too!

Tomorrow is Earth Day! That’s right, at the weekend people around the globe will come together to support environmental causes and do their bit to try and change the world.

As part of the Earth Day celebration, we will be doing our part to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. One of our key values is #sharethelove, so we thought we’d outline exactly what we’re doing this week.

A big focus for Unruly this Earth Day is ‘everyday activism’, where a large number of people make a few small changes that add up to BIG impact.

This kind of change is already having a big effect across the UK, as shown by the inclusion of non-dairy milks, bicycle helmets and other items in the ONS’s basket of goods and services for 2017.


Here are the three things Unruly is doing for Earth Day:


1. Vegan replacements

Unfortunately, despite their all-round deliciousness, meat and dairy products are not the most ecologically/environmentally-friendly food choice. That’s why, for this week at Unruly, we’ve replaced our breakfasts and snacks with vegan alternatives. We’re also holding a vegan bake-off challenge to encourage people to explore alternative ingredients and methods.


2. Volunteer day

#Everydayactivism is about having an impact in lots of different ways, and is not constrained to pure environmentalism. In fact, in celebration of Earth Day, we reinvigorated our volunteering schemes at Unruly – where we encourage teams to donate one day a year to a cause of their choice. If you’re based in London, we highly recommend Vinspired, as well as Spitalfields City Farm and Wellchild. For those of you in the Big Apple, there’s NYC Parks StewardshipSpring Cleaning and New York Cares.


3. Earth miles

Acts of everyday activism aren’t a competition – but using the EarthMiles app can be! Similar to a Fitbit challenge we ran in January, Earthmiles tracks every kilometre you walk or cycle and rewards you for being active! The earned Earth Miles can then be used towards healthy goodies and sport activities – and our Unruly winner will be taking home some pretty sweet prizes… Why not try a similar competition?


So what can you do to get involved? Well, here are some other examples of #everydayactivism:


  • Say no to plastic cutlery
  • Bring your own bag to the supermarket
  • Checking recycling symbols
  • Repair items rather than buying new
  • Try a vegan replacement


  • Walk or cycle to work
  • Cook seasonal/local vegetables one night a week
  • Go vegetarian one night a week


  • Switch energy supplier – Unruly recommends Bulb
  • Only buy from ethical clothes shops