Netto Hunts For The Easter Bunny While Lloyds Increases Its Horse Power: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Easter is here – which means Adland is full of hopping bunnies, busy shoppers and very happy kids. But before the Bank Holiday weekend, why not kick back and enjoy some of the best ads from the past 7 days?

This week’s basket features an impressive ad from German supermarket Netto, who seem to be channelling John Lewis with its Easter spot.

The ad features a CGI Easter Bunny, who has a rough time growing up in the forest and moves away to the city to become a star. The ad’s visual effects are great and allow for some cutesy comic moments with various woodland creatures, including the bunny’s slightly unconventional parents.

We’ve also got spots from Boots, HBO and Lloyds.


5. Boots No7 – Ready

4. HBO – It’s What Connects Us

3. KFC – Creepy Cute Cat

2. Lloyds – A New Dawn

1. Netto – #DerWahreOsterhase