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The 10 Best Chocolate Ads Of All Time

Brands have created some amazing ads for chocolate products over the years. From primates playing percussion to weird kids with even weirder eyebrows, we’ve seen it all.

So, with Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d run through the 10 most iconic chocolate ads ever made.

The list below has something for everyone, whether your first chocolate ad was a Phil Collins/Gorilla hybrid – or something a little earlier.

Our top 10 also doubles up as a nice trip down memory lane, with some cracking 70’s outfits making an appearance alongside some really dated concepts.

So kick back, grab a cup of tea and your favourite chocolate bar, and enjoy!


10. Lindt – Do you dream in chocolate?


9. Aero Bubbles – Melt


8. Snickers – Halloween Grocery Store Lady


7. Ferrero Rocher – The Ambassador


6. Bounty – The Taste Of Paradise


5. Turkish Delight – Eastern Promise


4. Cadbury – Eyebrows



3. Yorkie – The Trucker



2. Cadbury – Milk Tray Man


1. Cadbury – Gorilla


Honourable mentions:

Cadbury – Flake

Cadbury – Caramel Rabbit

Kit Kat – Pandas

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