Unruly / Blog / Samsung Makes A Splash & Apple Gets Colourful: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Samsung Makes A Splash & Apple Gets Colourful: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly scours the web for the latest and greatest ads for your viewing pleasure. Then we compile them in this handy list, so you can get your fix of the best ads on the web all in one place!

This week’s list is dominated by big tech brands – with spots from Samsung, HP and Apple all earning their place on our top 5.

Samsung’s ad expands on its “#DoWhatYouCant” campaign message, using some interesting visual effects to show off its latest smartphone.

Apple’s ad, for the Apple Watch 2, is a little different and is clearly aimed at health geeks who want to stay on top of their fitness in the most high-tech way possible.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a powerful and important ad from the National Autistic Society, and a unique and funny ad from Realtor.com.

Without further ado, enjoy!


5. Samsung – The New Normal


This latest brand spot Samsung coincides with the launch of its new flagship phone – the S8. But rather than focus on tech, the ad continues Samsung’s #DoWhatYouCant message by showing all the wondrous ways the new device might improve your experiences, relationships and memories. The cool Jurassic Park-inspired virtual reality moment is particularly fun, and works well with the final stinger – that ‘one generation’s impossible is the next generation’s normal’.


4. Hewlett-Packard – Help Michael say yes


This slightly bizarre ad from Hewlett Packard’s enterprise division is noteworthy for two reasons. 1. Its cool robot effects and concept are a really clever play on the perception of IT professionals, and it’s little twist/reveal at the end will definitely bring a smile to your face. 2. It manages to be funny and emotive while still being an ad for ‘enterprise software’ – not exactly the most interesting thing on the planet.


3. Realtor – The Not-Yous


Realtor’s recent spots starring Elizabeth Banks have been some of the most enjoyable content to come from the property sector in the last three years. This ad, which leans away from its star more than others, continues that legacy with a charming set-up and funny visual gags. The ad follows a man on his way back to his new home. However, he slowly attracts a crowd of people who look suspiciously like him – the ‘Not-Yous’ – who didn’t use Realtor to secure their dream house.


2. National Autistic Society – Make it Stop

The stigma around autism is in part due to a lack of understanding, which is what this campaign from Don’t Panic and the National Autistic Society aims to solve. The ad is a sombre look at the effect day-to-day interactions that many of us might just brush off can have on someone with the condition – especially if they’re not given enough time to process the event. The ad is effective and deals with this issue in a grounded way that allows anyone to empathise with the situation.


1. Apple Watch Series 2 – Live Bright


This incredibly colourful spot from Apple marks the launch of the 2nd edition of its smartwatch. The creative is light and breezy, using its bright palette and killer soundtrack (the excellent Freedom by Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar) to create a really memorable spot.