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5 Things You Need To Know About Emotional Advertising In APAC

We know delivering emotional impact through video advertising leads to better audience engagement.

But, with APAC being such a diverse region, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that will work across multiple markets.

In the first of our series of monthly ‘5 things you need to know‘ round-ups, we’ll look at what works best in each region.


5. Consumers in the Philippines are the happiest in SEA
Happiness resonates particularly well in the Philippines, with viewers more likely to feel intense happiness while watching video ads than anywhere else across Southeast Asia (26% vs. SEA average of 18%). Coca-Cola put this to good use with its brilliant “Happiest Thank You”, which evoked intense feelings of happiness in more than half (58%) of the people who watched it.



4. Indonesians are the most likely to laugh at video ads
If you want to make people laugh, Indonesia is the place to do it. Viewers there are the most likely to find your ad hilarious (8%) compared with other countries around the world (4%). Interestingly, this also holds true for global content. For example, Mentos’ “Mentors”, despite originally being created for the UK market, made 32% of viewers across Indonesia laugh out loud.



3. Australian viewers are twice as likely to cry at video ads
Sadness is an emotion rarely used in video advertising. But it can be very effective – especially in Australia, where viewers are twice as likely to feel intense sadness after watching video ads (2%) than the global average (1%). “Man Up’s” recent ad highlighting the high suicide rate among Australian men used this emotion very effectively – with 18% of viewers feeling intense sadness after watching the video.



2. Singaporeans are a tough crowd when it comes to emotion
Advertisers need to work extra hard to evoke an emotional response from Singaporean viewers. On average, consumers in Singapore are much less emotional than viewers around the world, with pride the only emotional response where they are on par with the global average (4%). Singapore Airlines knows how to push its local viewers’ buttons – regularly producing content that makes them feel intensely proud. “No Detail Is Too Small” is a great example of this – eliciting intense pride among 18% of viewers.



1. Indian consumers top the global charts for happiness
Filipinos might be the happiest viewers in SEA, but globally Indian viewers take the number one spot. On average, 28% of Indian viewers feel intense happiness while watching video ads, compared to the global average of 11%. Google’s “Search Reunion” is the happiest ad we’ve ever tested in India – evoking intense happiness among 67% of viewers.



These insights were powered by Unruly Pulse – the dashboard that tracks emotional trends in video advertising.

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