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Samsung Takes Flight & Xfinity Goes Fast (And Furious): 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly trawls the web and gathers up the 5 best bits of creative from the past 7 days and puts them into this handy list.

This week’s batch includes a new Fast and Furious-themed prankvert, as well as spots from Virgin Media and Vicks, and a surprising ad from Samsung.



5. Virgin Media – Fibre

Virgin Media’s latest ad for its super-fast broadband sees entertainment icons collide as they race to escape the confines of the fibre cable and leap into your living room. There’s a lot going on in the ad, and we’re treated to a blur of recognisable faces – from ninja turtles and Elizabeth I, to characters from Mad Max and the iconic clown masks from The Dark Knight. The ad’s unique approach is memorable and definitely different to what we’re used to seeing from internet providers.


4. Leica – Free yourself from colours


Leica’s new digital camera shoots exclusively in black & white, and this accompanying spot makes a compelling argument for monochrome using digital effects and some clever film projector trickery. The ad is a visual treat, with swirling animations and flickering patterns, and its oddly philosophical voiceover makes for an undeniably interesting watch.


3. Xfinity – Drive-Out Cinema


The latest instalment in the increasingly popular Fast and the Furious franchise opens in early April, and this ad from Xfinity is the first of many branded partnerships about to flood our screens. The prankvert is lots of fun, thanks to impressive stunts and some great reactions, and has us excited to see which other brands will be blowing up expensive cars over the next few weeks.


2. Vicks – #TouchofCare

This heart-warming ad from Vicks, which focuses on the true story of an orphaned girl and the trans woman who adopts her, manages to be both emotionally effective and progressive. The ad was developed by Publicis Singapore for the Indian market, which is noteworthy considering the country’s complex relationship with its LGBTQ+ community.


1. Samsung – Ostrich


Creating compelling and emotional adverts for virtual reality devices is not an easy task, with most brands opting for some sort of visual representation blending the user’s real world with the virtual one. This ad from Samsung flies in the face of that with a unique concept and star – asking us to consider just what might be possible thanks to this new branch of technology. What really makes the spot special is how emotive it manages to be, considering the total lack of human beings, thanks to charming visuals and a killer soundtrack.