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Unruly’s US Mobile Video Reach Surpasses That Of Twitter and Snapchat Combined

Unruly reaches 89% of total mobile internet users in the US

2017 is the year of mobile! Now, how many years have we been saying that? Jokes aside, mobile consumption and media spend does continue to grow, while also remaining a challenge for marketers.

In fact, mobile is increasingly the device of choice for consumers watching video online, with more than half of all global digital video views now taking place on mobile (source: Oolaya Global Video Index) and a quarter of global consumers watching more than 10 videos a week on their phones (source: Unruly Mobile Video Survey).

But, between Snapchat’s recent IPO and Twitter’s expected revenue decline, digital marketers might be wondering how to properly invest their mobile spend. The first thing to keep in mind is that mobile video consumption takes place on more than a handful of platforms.


Let’s take a look at the numbers. 

Unruly reaches 89% of the mobile Internet population in the US. Meanwhile, YouTube reaches 86%, and Twitter and Snapchat reach 44.6% and 42.1%, respectively.

That means Unruly’s mobile reach in the US is greater than Twitter and Snapchat combined, according to new data from comScore (Mobile Metrix, Jan 2017).


So what does this mean for advertisers. 

Despite mobile video spend growing 27% this year, publishers still struggle to monetize this mobile traffic, as 43% of mobile traffic comes via social (Parse.ly). In fact, Mary Meeker has released data stating there is a $22B opportunity in the US alone if publishers can close this mobile monetization gap.

It’s important to remember that there are a number of different ways to hit your target audiences. In the US and abroad, Twitter and Snapchat are only pieces of a much larger pie.

Unruly’s mobile formats can be purchased in either vertical or horizontal formats and provides advertisers the opportunity to hit the majority of the US mobile population by appearing on premium publishers. Our outstream video formats creates new video ad inventory within article pages in premium media environments. 

Want to learn more about Unruly’s mobile offerings? Email us at hello@unrulygroup.com.