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Uber Escapes & Fiat Gets Nostalgic: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly scours the web for the latest and greatest ads from the past 7 days, before gathering them up in this handy list so you can catch up on everything you missed.

This week’s selection features a charming ad from Milka, ushering in the chocolate egg season, and a genuinely funny spot from Adobe that is bound to resonate with plenty of people across Adland.

We’ve also got some romance from French supermarket Intermarche’s latest spot, which is taking the world by storm thanks to its cinematic visual style and love story premise.

Elsewhere on the list, we’ve got an impressive ad from Fiat to mark the 60th anniversary of the Fiat 500, featuring some amazing animation from British artist Cyriak Harris.

So without further ado, enjoy.


5. Transavia – #UberEscape

We’ve all dreamt of booking a last-minute flight, escaping our humdrum routines, and jet-setting away to a faraway beach for the weekend. Well, luckily for us, it’s 2017 – which means anything is only a swipe or two away. At least, that’s the idea behind this partnership between Transavia and Uber, which folds the cost of cheap flights in with your fare, meaning you can go from mindless scrolling to 30,000ft in the blink of an eye. And their ad shows just that, following an incredibly bored man eventually throwing in the towel and hitting the beach.


4. Adobe – Keep Up With Hovering Art Directors

This latest spot from Adobe is bound to cause some knowing nods and stifled laughs at various creative agencies around the world as it skewers overbearing project leads and art directors everywhere. The ad is short and sweet, and its fictional scenario will certainly ring true for some, with its last minute deadlines and bizarre briefs like “He’s Mother Nature but he’s also Father Nature”.


3. Milka – Gemeinsam ist Ostern einfach besser.

Everyone’s favourite purple cow is getting ahead of the Easter confectionery stampede with this charming advert starring 3 children on an egg hunt. The picturesque countryside and Hunger Games vibe make for a surprisingly enchanting spot from Milka that is equal parts Enid Blyton and Arthur Ransome. It’s also worth noting that the ad has no dialogue, meaning it easily crosses national borders.


2. Intermarche – #lamourlamour


This ad from Intermarche, a French supermarket chain, is picking up steam around the world for its sweet millennial love story. The ad features an average 20-something guy shopping with friends and buying what you’d expect, frozen Pizzas, fizzy drinks – basically every student’s staple diet. That is, until his interest is piqued by the appearance of a cashier, and we’re treated to a great montage of him learning to cook and eventually impressing the girl. It’s a simple concept, but its oddly magnetic stars and romantic soundtrack make it worth a watch.


1. Fiat – 60 Years of history by Cyriak Harris


The Fiat 500 is undeniably the auto brand’s most recognisable model, and this psychedelic ad from artist Cyriak Harris is a perfect fit for such a 60’s icon. The ad is a real visual treat, with lots of kaleidoscoping footage and some clever CGI (the breakdancing 500 is definitely a standout). It’s surprisingly engrossing watching the model’s transformation over its 60-year history.