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This Girl Can Is Up And Running & Honda Reaches New Heights: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

It’s been a busy week in Adland, from the Oscars to brands gearing up for #InternationalWomensDay on March 8th – there’s a lot to keep up with.

Luckily, Unruly is here to help with our roundup of the best ads from the past 7 days.

This week’s batch features ads from P&G and Sport England, as well as a visually stunning spot from Honda and a uniquely funny ad from Egyptian publication Mada Masr.

The ‘Phenomenal Women’ spot continues the amazing work done by the “This Girl Can” campaign, and features empowering narration from the late, great Maya Angelou. Elsewhere on the list is a short but effective PSA from the AA, as well as an ad from P&G which takes aim at the wage gap between men and women.

So let’s get to it!


5. The AA – Designated Driver

This brief ad from the AA is based on the idea that you are twice as likely to have an accident because of texting than drink driving. The spot starts off in a conventional manner, but its quiet twist is surprisingly shocking and will certainly resonate with anyone who’s ever driven a rowdy bunch of friends home after a night at the pub.


4. Honda – Up

Honda has a great track record for creating cinematic ads, and its latest effort certainly hits the mark once again. Focusing on a daring climber (actual climbing superstar Imogen Horrocks) ascending a bare cliff face, the ad uses special effects to create a mesmerising visual experience.


3. Mada Masr – Micropolitics

It’s hard to make a funny ad. It’s even harder to make an originally funny ad. That’s why this ad from Mada Masr, an Egyptian news outlet, stands out. It’s premise, that politics is involved in every aspect of our lives, is immediately relatable and makes for surprisingly engaging content. This spot runs through the office politics of a local salon and features some pretty hilarious moments. Its tagline – ‘imagine the politics in politics’ – definitely piques our interest.


2. P&G – We See Equal


P&G has made some of the most memorable ads in recent years, and have proven again and again that they are willing to tackle some of the big issues of the day in its marketing. Its latest spot – created for International Women’s Day next week – continues that trend, using video clips of people from all walks of life sharing responsibilities and getting stuff done to get its point across perfectly. It’s message? Life doesn’t discriminate – so why should we?


1. This Girl Can – Phenomenal Women


“This Girl Can” needs no introduction. The long-running campaign was one of the first bastions of #femvertising to have a real world impact, encouraging women across the UK to take up more sports. Ahead of International Women’s Day, the campaign is back, this time featuring an inspiring voiceover from the late Maya Angelou. The ad races along at a blistering pace and uses Angelou’s empowering verse to drive home its active message.