Unruly / Blog / Nike Puts Best Foot Forward, While McDonald’s Roasts Hipster Coffee Shops: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Nike Puts Best Foot Forward, While McDonald’s Roasts Hipster Coffee Shops: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

What do dogs made of kale, singing shrimps and poodle typecasting all have in common? 

They’re all part of this week’s round-up of the best ads in AdLand, that’s what. In today’s column Nike, MailChimp, The Atlantic, the ACLU and McDonald’s all make the cut.



5. MailChimp – Did You Mean MailChimp?



Ever heard of FailChips? Or the latest hair trend, the MaleCrimp? OK, how about KaleLimps or MailShrimps? If you haven’t, don’t worry about it. They are made-up items created by those clever people at email marketing platform MailChimp to boost search engine referrals.


4. McDonald’s – McCafé



This ad from McDonald’s perfectly skewers metropolitan coffee shop clichés. Whether it’s the bizarre brewing methods, the ‘attention to detail’, or just the cost of a cup – McDonald’s positions itself cleverly as the ‘I just want a coffee’ option.


3. ACLU – Taking A Seat, Making A Stand



The ACLU has made headlines in recent weeks thanks to its heavy campaigning against Donald Trump’s immigration ban. This ad sees them take on a similarly important social issue, LGBT rights. The ad speaks for itself, but its concept and delivery are surprisingly upbeat – and its tactic of using humour to communicate a serious message is both effective and important.


2. The Atlantic – Am I Typecast?




This spot from The Atlantic is the publisher’s first branding spot in some time and is a refreshingly post-modern take on the ‘talking head’ spot. The ad features actor Michael K Williams, most famous for his roles on shows like The Wire, holding a conversation with himself about the roles he picks and his identity as an actor.


1. Nike – إيش حيقولوا عنك؟



It’s fair to say Nike has been on a bit of a roll recently. Not only has the sports brand produced an astronomical amount of content in recent months – but the creative bar has remained consistently high. This latest ad from Nike Women certainly fits the mould, and it’s kinetic and enthralling cinematography make for a gripping ad.