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McDonald’s and Sonos Give Viewers A Shock: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Love was in the air in Adland this week, with Valentine’s Day ushering in a wave of romantic ads designed to tug at the heartstrings (see our roundup here).

But if you’re a bit tired of all the Cupids and love hearts, you’re in luck! Unruly is here to run you through some of the other best ads of the week.

That said – love of all kinds is definitely a theme in this week’s batch.

First up is an interesting ad from Sonos, who try something a little different with a decidedly creepy spot. Elsewhere on the list, both Nike and Ad Council are campaigning for diversity and acceptance. Nike has created an evocative and poetic ad, while Ad Council instead opts for a bigger stunt using members of the public.

We’ve also got a powerful ad for The One Foundation that challenges viewers to think about equality and poverty on a global scale.

Rounding out the list is something a little lighter, a hilarious ad from McDonald’s that breathes new life into the prankvert genre.



5. Sonos – Wake Up The Silent Home


This stylish spot from Sonos for its new speaker system takes aim at the headphone-lifestyle many of us lead at home – challenging viewers to live their lives a little bit louder. The ad’s first half is particularly strong, with a very creepy voiceover and performance that channels Tyler Durden and Mr Robot in equal measure.


4. Nike – Equality


Nike’s penchant for mixing social messages with a powerful blend of imagery is on full display in its latest ad – ‘Equality’. Shot in black and white with a very deliberate soundtrack, a rendition of the civil rights anthem ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’, the ad’s intentions are clear from the start. It’s an incredibly emotive ad that plays on the idea that if people can be equal on a court or a pitch, they should be equal everywhere.


3. Ad Council – Fans of Love


Ad Council’s ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign has been championing diversity and acceptance for years now, and every creative the organisation releases is jam-packed full of humanity and love. This latest ad, released just in time for Valentine’s Day, takes the classic American ‘kisscam’ and turns it on couples of all different ages, ethnicities and genders.


2. The One Campaign – Poverty is Sexist

This ad from The One Campaign, a non-profit that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, is both powerful and effective thanks to its production and message. The ad focuses on the way women from all cultures are affected by discrimination, with the word ‘no’ being repeated again and again, and lands a heavy blow in its final moments.


1. McDonald’s – Always Open For Good Times

Beware fast-food lovers in the Netherlands, next time you head to McDonald’s you might get quite a shock! This hilarious prankvert from the fast-food brand gives customers the fright of their lives thanks to a real-life orchestra serenading them as they tuck into the new Maestro Burger. The look of sheer disbelief on people’s faces, mixed with the ridiculous soundtrack, make this an ad that will definitely brighten your day.