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10 Heartstring-Tugging Ads For Valentine’s Day

No matter how hard you try, it’s hard to escape Valentine’s Day. Love is most definitely in the air – and it seems nowhere is safe from Cupid’s arrow. 

It’s on the TV, in the shops, on the side of buses, all over newspapers and magazines – and now it’s on your favourite video advertising blog.

That’s right, as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. So rather than run away and hide, we decided to embrace Valentine’s warm embrace in the only way we know how – by compiling a list of the ads that make us feel all warm and gushy inside.

Over the years, brands have created some incredibly romantic ads, targeting couples and single folk alike, and whether they fill your heart with joy or make you feel slightly nauseated – there’s something for everyone.

Most Valentine’s ads follow similar tropes, romantic gestures within iconic scenery, but the ones that stand out are always just a little different.

Take Prudential’s #RelationshipReconnect (Unruly’s Most Emotional Ad of 2016), which creates a powerful and endearing set of moments from a relatively simple concept. In fact, the ad works because of its deliberate simplicity, the quiet act of looking in someone’s eye allows the audience to imprint and interpret all sorts of emotions in tiny gestures.

Not all ads can be this subtle though. Sometimes you just want a mushy love story, or something that skewers romantic clichés for people feeling a little left out this time of year (see: the classic ‘Blackpool’ ad below).

So without further ado, enjoy!


10. Prudential – #RelationshipReconnect


9. Knorr – Love At First Taste


8. Galaxy – Chase


7. Heineken – The Date


6. Chanel No 5 – The Film


5. Google – Parisian Love


4. Cesar – Love Them Back


3. Blackpool – J’aime la Tour


2. Interflora – Odd Love



1. Vodafone – The Kiss