Unruly / Blog / Galaxy Aims For The Heart, Pamela Anderson Stars In Lingerie Ad: 5 Valentine’s Day Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Galaxy Aims For The Heart, Pamela Anderson Stars In Lingerie Ad: 5 Valentine’s Day Ads You Should Watch Right Now

It’s mid-February, which means romantic people all over the world are rushing around buying chocolates, flowers and cards. 

Unruly’s caught the love bug too, and we’ve rounded up the best Valentine’s Day ads for your viewing pleasure.

This year’s crop of lovey-dovey ads features a timely spot from the NHS, which focuses on an organ not normally associated with St Valentine’s Day.

Elsewhere on the list are ads from Hallmark and German florist Interflora, both of which are quietly pushing ahead with inclusivity at the heart of their campaign messaging.

We’ve also got a startlingly impressive ad from Galaxy, which subverts traditional Valentine’s Day imagery to create a powerful and imposing visual style.



5. NHS – Kidney Shaped Love

This wry ad from the NHS is an unexpectedly comedic take on Valentine’s Day clichés. You’ve got a crooner with an acoustic guitar and a bar full of couples – but instead of singing about everlasting love, this performer is more concerned with kidney transplants. It’s cool to see a PSA at this time of year take an unusual approach, and this spot from agency Aesop is definitely worth checking out.


4. Interflora – “På kærlighedens side siden 1925”


German florist Interflora, who’ve been around for more than 100 years, has a history of making heartstring-tugging spots this time of year – and its 2017 effort is no exception. The spot is set in the early 20th Century, features impressive production design for both costumes and set, and its surprising twist ending plays with expectations.


3. Hallmark – No Ordinary Love


Hallmark is the king of unabashed sappiness – a point which this Valentine’s Day spot definitely confirms. The ad is simple, we see a number of seemingly candid shots of couples from all walks of life, but the voice-over by an elderly man makes the whole thing rather adorable.


2. Coco De Mer x Pamela Anderson – Take Your Breath Away (NSFW)

This spot from lingerie brand Coco-De-Mer is a clever play on Valentine’s day tropes, with Pamela Anderson as its central star. The actress and model sets up a romantic evening at home, complete with food, music and wine, but the ad might not end in the way you expect.


1. Galaxy – Chase

The final spot on our list goes to Galaxy, whose gorgeous new ad is simultaneously visually and emotionally stimulating. We see a woman going about her daily life, narrowly being missed by Cupid’s arrow time and time again. The ad ramps up over its 60-second run-time, as we catch more and more glimpses of the winged cherub himself, until the ad reaches its stunning Midsummer Night’s Dream-inspired finale. Definitely one to watch.