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Budweiser Looks Back, Ford Looks Ahead: 5 Super Bowl Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Super Bowl weekend is now officially upon us, but before you settle in for a day of drinking and eating – why not catch up on the Big Game ads that dropped this week?

We’ve got headline-makers, social issues, weird internet references – and John Malkovich.

This week’s Super Bowl selection features ads from GoDaddy, Squarespace and Ford – each bringing their own brand of Big Game magic to our screens.

We’ve also got a moving ad from Audi, which plays on the heartstrings of parents with its message of equality. Rounding out the list is the ad everybody is talking about, Budweiser’s ‘Born The Hard Way’, which tells the story of Adolphus Busch – an 18th century German immigrant and one of the brand’s founders.

So sit down, grab your headphones, and enjoy.


5. GoDaddy – The Internet Needs You


You might doubt people’s ability to get nostalgic about memes from 2006, but that’s exactly what website-building tool and domain host GoDaddy is banking on with this Super Bowl spot – starring instagrammer Adam Carpenter as the living incarnation of ‘the internet’. It’s a novel idea, with a ton of references for web-savvy viewers, and is definitely one of the more unusual ads we’ve seen this year.


4. Ford – Go Further


Sometimes simplicity is best, and that’s definitely the case for this Ford spot – which focuses on people getting stuck in all sorts of situations. The idea is tied to the future of the Ford brand, from self-driving cars to ride sharing, but works thanks to its relatability – we’ve all been stuck in a jumper or a traffic jam.


3. Squarespace – Who Is JohnMalkovich.com

John Malkovich is known for taking himself less than seriously, and Squarespace plays to this strength in its Super Bowl spot, which shows the actor growing increasingly frustrated over the fact that someone else owns JohnMalkovich.com. It’s a pretty niche problem, but as anyone who’s ever tried to register their real name for any platform ever will tell you – it’s surprisingly irritating.


2. Audi – Daughter


This powerful spot from Audi champions equal pay through the story of a father encouraging his daughter. The ad is beautifully shot and its effective voice-over and concept mean it stands out from the pack.


1. Budweiser – Born The Hard Way

You’ve probably seen Budweiser’s ad already. The heritage-themed spot has attracted substantial attention over the past week because of its ‘immigrant story’ concept – but the ad does well to stands on its own merit. It’s well directed and well acted, and focusing on the brand’s simpler beginnings makes for an interesting story that is as timely as it is effective.