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The Big Fat Advertising Quiz Of The Year

It’s here! Unruly’s big fat quiz has arrived to test your knowledge of last year’s big social video moments.

Do you remember who won the Super Bowl in 2016, or the Olympics? Did you pay attention to the year’s big social video ‘challenges’ – what about the year’s biggest ads?

The quiz pulls data from around the Unruly-verse, including questions around sharing, emotional insights gleaned from Unruly Pulse – and even some general Adland knowledge from the Unruly vault!

Test your 2016 know-how below, and let us know how you did on Twitter @unrulyco.



If you enjoyed the quiz – keep an eye out for our Super Bowl 51 edition coming soon. In the meantime, why not check out our Science of Sharing: Super Bowl 50 Study to get your data-fix.