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10 Happy Ads From 2016 To Get You Through #BlueMonday

Feeling particularly sad today? Life getting you down more than normal? Are your cornflakes particularly soggy today? Your commute extra annoying?

Well, don’t worry – there’s a reason for it. That’s because today is officially  the saddest day of the year. Yeah, if you thought this week could not get any gloomier with Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States, guess again. Back in 2005, Dr Cliff Arnall came up with a formula for predicting the saddest day of the year based on such things as the weather, debts, time since Christmas and motivation. And today’s the day.

That’s right, go home, turn off the lights and get under the covers – the third Monday of January – or #BlueMonday – is the gloomiest day of the year.  Christmas is miles away, the weather is terrible and a lot of us have already given up the things we love to get in shape.

But don’t worry. Unruly is here to help you get through the remaining hours of #BlueMonday. We have selected some happy ads for you to watch to help put a smile back on your face.



Amazon Prime – Lion



Knorr – Love At First Taste


McVities Chocolate Digestives – #sweeet


Prudential – Relationship Reconnect


Pedigree – By My Side



Apple Music – Taylor Vs Treadmill



Animals Australia – Joy


Heathrow Airport – Coming Home For Christmas


Allegro – English


iPhone 6s – Timer