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Kathy Bates & Kevin Waits: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

We’re back! It’s January, which means it’s time for new year’s resolutions, and Adland seems to have got the message.

In case you missed any of the creatives that made an appearance this week, Unruly is here with a helpful round-up of the best and brightest ads of 2017 (so far!).

The brands on this week’s list all seem to be on a health-kick. We’ve got Apple, Nike and Kevin Hart running through the desert, while Samsung takes a trip to the local gym. Both brands are offering fitness tracking hardware this year, and January seems the perfect time to catch people feeling a little weighed down after indulging over Christmas.

Elsewhere on the list, Kathy Bates looks for a new house after being joined by some unwelcome guests, and Mercedes-Benz get all nostalgic with an 80’s-style mystery. Rounding out the selection is an impressive and empowering ad from a young German student.



5. Turbo Tax – Kathy Bates, Scary Dependents


This weird ad from TurboTax might be a few months late for Halloween, but its absurd premise means it’s the perfect antidote to the sugary family scenes we’ve been seeing over the holidays. Kathy Bates is America’s new first lady of horror, and this ad plays on her characters in a surprisingly funny way.


4. Mercedes-Benz – The Encounter


This clever and simple spot from Mercedes-Benz channels the spirit of Netflix’s 2016 hit ‘Stranger Things’ with its mysterious suburban setting and bicycle-riding kids, and succeeds by aping the ‘mystery’ aspect of the show and its influences. It’s short and sweet, and shows us a new, more human perspective on remote/autonomous vehicles.


3. Nike – The Man Who Kept Running


Kevin Hart is gaining a reputation for being one of Adland’s go-to funny men – and this latest joint effort from Nike & Apple is definitely one of his best spots to date. The ad starts with an amateur ‘unboxing’ style clip, and then cuts to Kevin 7 months later still running. The comedian’s timing and delivery are as consistent as ever, and the ad’s direction (via drones) is impressive.


2. Samsung – Crazy


Continuing the fitness trends, Samsung took a trip to the gym for its latest Gear Fit ad. The spot runs through a bunch of people doing various strenuous activities, all commenting on the pretty bizarre nature of working out. The ad is funny and fast paced, and successfully leans into Samsung’s slightly off-the-wall sense of humour.


1. Adidas (Fake ad) – Break Free

So this ad is sort of cheating, but it has to be shown. Created by 26-year-old German student Eugen Merher, the ad tells the compelling and moving story of a former marathon runner who’s happily living out his final days in a retirement home – until he finds an old pair of adidas trainers. It’s undeniably heartwarming and shows what can be done with not much budget, but a lot of ambition.