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5 Targeting Tips To Make Your Christmas Ads Sparkle

John Lewis’ #BusterTheBoxer continues to hold the top spot of the most shared Christmas ads of 2016, with nearly 2 million shares to date.

And, as the Christmas season is the busiest shopping time of the year, brands all over the world are no doubt looking for tips on how to take home the number 1 spot for themselves.

In addition to creating an ad that elicits an intense emotional response from your viewers, it’s important to target the viewers most likely to love your ad.

We’ve compiled 5 tips to target your holiday shoppers over the Christmas season.


1. Know The Emotion That Works For Your Ad

Are you looking to bring people to tears or howl with laughter? Understanding the right emotion for your brand is one of the first things any brand marketer needs to consider before launching a video campaign.

Unruly Pulse shows the emotions that are resonating with viewers over time. Whether looking to launch a Christmas ad or one for your back-to-school campaign, consider what other videos are trending at launch time. When looking at last year’s Christmas videos, happiness, inspiration, warmth and amazement topped the list. Using this information, decide if you want to go with the trend or stand out from the crowd by using more unusual emotions like sadness and nostalgia.

unruly pulse - emotions over time


2. Consider Happiness & Warmth PMPs For Programmatic Buys

When looking at Christmas-specific ads in 2015 versus 2016 in Unruly Pulse, happiness and warmth were the top two emotions present in Christmas ads.

If you’re buying your ads programmatically consider using Emotional PMPs, which match the mood of your content to the environment around it. UnrulyX offers 12 Emotional PMPs, ranging from happiness and warmth to surprise, knowledge and shock. You can see them all at UnrulyX’s Partner Portal.




3. Consider Mobile And Vertical Video

According to eMarketer, almost half of all video views around the globe now take place on mobile devices, while a recent Unruly survey found that a quarter of consumers are now watching more than 10 videos a week on their phones (source: Unruly Mobile Video Survey).

Unruly’s own mobile demand continues to scale alongside this massive industry growth. In fact, just last month, 65% of global Unruly’s In-Article ad calls were mobile, and 54% of In-Article ads loaded globally were mobile.


4. Don’t Forget About Post-Christmas Uptick

Tech, in particular, is a key festive market, with 68% of Americans planning to purchase technology gifts for the nearest and dearest this holiday season, according to data supplied by the Consumer Technology Association. 

We took a look at the number of global views from the last two weeks of November 2015 and the entirety of December 2015 to understand when people are engaging with tech and gaming content and how advertisers should target them.

One of the biggest increases in view traffic comes the days following Christmas, when people are looking to learn more about their gifts. Don’t forget to keep your festive campaigns going well after Christmas Day itself as people are still in the holiday spirit.




5. Target Light Buyers

According to academic research, the most effective way to increase sales revenue is by increasing penetration with light buyers versus increased buying from heavy buyers. 

Unruly’s new AI-powered audience targeting tool Unruly DNA creates sociodemographic and psychographic profiles of light buyers to increase sales impact. Unruly DNA maps to third party data from IBM Watson to offer better targeting on video campaigns.