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Christmas Bashes & Toilet Dashes: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly brings you the latest and greatest bits of creative from around Adland. And what a week it has been…

In this week’s round-up we see the final chapter in the epic saga of Aldi’s Kevin The Carrot and a novel ad from Nike imploring people to spend a little less time in front of screens.

There’s also an hilarious spot from Volkswagen and an impressively stylish PSA from the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria, Australia.

So without further ado – enjoy!


5. Aldi UK – Kevin’s Adventure Continues


Aldi surprised everyone this Christmas with the introduction of its loveable mascot – Kevin The Carrot. The original spot is one of the most charming and funny ads of the year, and this follow-up is the perfect ending to Kevin’s story.


4. Volkswagen – Toilets

This ad from Volkswagen succeeds because of its relatability, great soundtrack and surprisingly engrossing slow-mo style. The central conceit of the ad is that, unlike you, the Volkswagen Cross Up never needs to take a break – and agency DDB Argentina cleverly spins the idea into a funny and memorable spot.


3. Nike – Time Is Precious


Nike’s latest series of ads are markedly different than previous efforts. Featuring only an automated voiceover and white text on a black background, the ads question the amount of time we all spend staring at screens, suggesting perhaps the time could be better spent exercising. The novel approach creates a surprisingly effective message, ensuring the ads stand out from the crowd.


2. TAC Victoria – Rethink Speed


This moving PSA from TAC Victoria, in Australia, uses stark visuals to drive home the dangers of speeding. It’s set-up is clever and immediately engrossing, as it moves through seven stills in a single shot. Each freeze frame shows a different angle and moment of the car-bike collision, and the lack of a soundtrack or voiceover ensures all the focus is on this imagery.


1. WestJet – Christmas Miracle: Fort McMurray Strong

WestJet has made a name for itself over the past few years for creating heartwarming Christmas ads that not only make viewers feel festive but also promotes good causes. This latest effort is no different, and sees the airline help out the struggling community of Fort McMurray, in Alberta, Canada, which was ravaged by a forest fire earlier this year.