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Shakespeare & Festive Cheer: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Christmas is so close you can almost smell the Brussels sprouts.

So while the halls are being decked and advent calendars are being opened, Unruly is here to help you unwind with a selection box of the best ads around.

This week’s batch features advertisers big and small, from Apple’s latest spot to a moving campaign from British charity Age UK.

We’ve also got the continuation of Aldi’s popular Christmas mascot, Kevin the Carrot, and a great festive spot from Polish auction site Allegro.

Rounding out the list is a deeply affecting, smart campaign from US non-profit Sandy Hook Promise.

The spot is easily spoiled, so without further ado, enjoy!


5. Apple iPhone 7 – Romeo and Juliet


This charming spot from Apple is a little more sentimental than the brand’s usual campaigns. We see the story of Romeo and Juliet unfold as if it were a lavish film, when in reality it’s something much more moving – a simple play being watched by parents. It’s a creative and imaginative way to get across the message that, yes, the iPhone 7 has an impressive camera.


4. Aldi – Casting Kevin The Carrot


The battle for Xmas is in full swing, and while Buster the Boxer might be winning the shares race – another mascot is winning the hearts of the British public. And he’s a carrot. This ‘behind-the-scenes’ spot from Aldi detailing the casting of Kevin the Carrot is funny and light-hearted, and is an interesting way to expand the campaign beyond its original spot.


3. Age UK – Help Us End Loneliness This Christmas


Loneliness is a growing problem in the UK, as more and more elderly people spend Christmas without family or friends. This thought-provoking new campaign from Age UK highlights this worrying trend. Compelling content is combined with some pretty nifty geotargeting, which means viewers will get an accurate picture of how many elderly people in their own county will spend the festive period alone.


2. Allegro – English For Beginners

This surprise hit from Polish auction site Allegro is a strong contender for the soppiest Christmas ad this year. Its adorable grandpa, festive soundtrack and heart-warming message will make even the Scroogiest humbug crack a smile or shed a tear.


1. Sandy Hook Promise – Evan

There’s not much you can say about Evan without spoiling the ads central conceit – so we’ll keep it brief. Sandy Hook Promise and BBDO have produced a spot that conveys a difficult message in an innovative, attention-grabbing manner and for that they deserve all the plaudits they’re getting. As well as being one of 2016’s most chilling campaigns, it is easily one of the year’s most memorable.