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Viral Review: Bose Shows Us A New Side Of London

Bose: Get Closer

Rating: 8/10

Cities are crowded places. Anyone who’s ever lived in a major metropolis knows that, for all their cosmopolitan benefits, one of their many downsides is just how many people there are.

If you’ve ever been compressed between strangers fighting for a Tube seat or narrowly avoided a car accident while dodging tourists, you’ve probably fantasised about what living in an empty city might be like. Bose’s latest campaign is here to sate that desire.

As predicted, it does look pretty cool. Titled ‘Get Closer’, the spot features contemporary dancer Maeva Berthelot doing her thing around various iconic London locations, all of which are mysteriously empty. What has happened to Maeva so alone in our nation’s capital? Is Bose secretly teasing a new dystopian film franchise?

Sadly, the answer is almost certainly ‘no’. Of course, that doesn’t mean ‘Get Closer’ is without its pleasures, using gorgeous cinematography to capture locations which we rarely see so deserted. Though the ad skips between various locales (Blackfriars Bridge, various alleys, the aforementioned Tube), the most defining moments take place in Piccadilly Circus.

With a track by electronic musician TALA playing behind her, Berthelot moves freely through the thoroughfare like you could only do in dreams or on Google Maps.




Shot with drones and some meticulous scheduling, agency Wieden + Kennedy and director Jaron Albertin (of Under Armour’s punchy Gisele Bundchen spot) have really pulled out all the stops. Not since the likes of Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later has London seemed quite so desolate, and this stripped-back quality keeps focus squarely on the choreography. If you enjoyed Yo Yo Ma and Li’l Buck’s incredible collaboration for the Olympic Opening Ceremony a few years back, this is certainly worth a look.

Of course, there is some thematic connection to the product in question. Bose’s QuietComfort range are noise-cancelling headphones and ‘Get Closer’ does a good job of expressing this visually. By cutting out the visual ‘noise’ of London streets, we’re free to appreciate the peacefulness and beauty on display.

This is fully brought to bear in the spot’s final moments when, in the closest thing to a twist possible in a headphones advert, it’s revealed that Berthelot is surrounded by people after all. Thanks to the magic of Bose noise-cancelling, it only seemed like the rest of London had disappeared in some kind of Biblical rapture. Phew.

Bose has certainly produced a very watchable, toe-tapping spot, not to mention giving us a whole new view of London. That being said, the brand has its work cut out to compete with some of the other big, star-powered headphone ads. While brands like Soul have the likes of Usain Bolt behind them, Monster is undeniably the industry leaders online thanks to its series of hugely popular pranks starring football’s cheekiest chap, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Though ‘Get Closer’ may not be destined to be a world-beater, give it a watch and maybe you’ll find its vision of urban living sweet relief on your next cramped commute.