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3 Tips To Help Turbo-Boost Your Mobile Video Success

Mobile is increasingly the device of choice for consumers watching videos online.

According to eMarketer, almost half of all video views around the globe now take place on mobile devices, while a recent Unruly survey found that a quarter of consumers are now watching more than 10 videos a week on their phones (source: Unruly Mobile Video Survey).

Unruly’s own mobile demand continues to scale alongside this massive industry growth. In fact, just last month, 65% of global Unruly’s In-Article ad calls were mobile, and 54% of In-Article ads loaded globally were mobile.

Additionally, when looking at views and click-through rates quarter over quarter, engagement is consistently higher on mobile. Views increased 61% on mobile last quarter while click-through rates increased 13%.

So how do advertisers make the most of this surge in smartphone video viewing? Well, luckily for you, we’ve put together some tips on how brands and agencies can optimise their mobile video strategies.



1.Make your video intensely emotional

It’s not enough to make viewers smile with amusement, you have to make them laugh out loud, send a shiver down their spine or make them cry a river. Unruly has found a direct correlation between the intensity of the emotion viewers feel when watching video and their intent to discuss the ad, watch it again and purchase the product featured.

According to a recent Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience study, ads with above average EEG scores (emotional ads) deliver a 23% uplift in sales volume, while the Field, IPA and Gunn Report, “Selling Creativity Short”, stated that awarded campaigns (emotional campaigns) were 10X more efficient than non-awarded campaigns.

This is because advertising works by building memories and more emotional ads generate stronger memory structures in viewers. As with all ads, when creating videos for mobile think about the emotion you want viewers to feel and how you can make them feel this intensely. This will mean more viewers will remember and act on your campaign. Unruly EQ tests for the emotions in your video and helps you optimise your content to make them more intensely felt by your audience.


2. Think vertically

53% mobile users worldwide say they find being forced to turn their phones horizontally to watch a video in full-screen annoying, while 34% use the rotation lock to keep their screen in vertical mode. It’s best to create and distribute ads in the same way viewers consume video on their mobile devices. That’s why Unruly have created Unruly In-Article Vertical Video, an immersive outstream vertical video format which helps brands connect more authentically, intimately and effectively with mobile audiences.


3. Shush! Plan for sound-off

76% of viewers worldwide like to be in control of the sound of video ads on the internet, and 46% of European mobile users found video ads which play with the sound on straight away annoying.  In fact, 53% of viewers mute the sound right away when a mobile video ad’s sound plays automatically.

Mobile formats usually start with sound off as consumers don’t want music blaring from their smartphones if they are not wearing headphones. Make sure your creative packs an emotional punch and delivers your brand message without the need for a voiceover or music. Closed captions and subtitles can help the viewer to understand the narrative of an ad without the sound.


Find out more about how you can boost your mobile video strategy by downloading the rest of our tips below.