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Happy Halloween! These Are The 5 Scariest Ads Of All Time

It’s Halloween! You’re no doubt recovering from the big party, working on your Donald Trump costume, and rewatching your favourite horror flicks.

But this all hallow’s eve, why not take a minute and watch some of the spookiest videos the world of advertising has to offer?

Making an ad that actually manages to creep us out is no small feat. In fact, data from Unruly Pulse shows us that audiences in India and Nordic countries are the most likely to feel Fear after watching an ad – but that’s still only 2% of the time.

Taking the top spots are an ice cream ad that will put a chill down your spine, a very scary tantrum, and the most shared scary ad of all time.

So without further ado, enjoy this terrifying hand-picked selection of the scariest ads ever made.


5. Devil’s Due – Devil Baby Attack


2014 was definitely the height of the ‘prankvert’ craze, and this ad for horror movie Devil’s Due capitalised on that in a truly terrifying way. The ad features an innocuous pram in the street, complete with a crying baby soundtrack. Only this tiny tot doesn’t need rocking to sleep, and seems more interested in eating brains than milk. As all sorts of kind strangers approach to see if they can help they infant, and they get the shock of their life.


4. Snickers – Halloween Grocery Store Lady

This weird ad from Snickers only runs for a brief 30 seconds, but that’s probably for the best. There’s something undeniably terrifying about a giant, masked woman stalking the supermarket aisles randomly throwing bags of Snickers in your trolley – even if the ad’s big reveal is substantially less spooky.


3. K-Fee – New Car Commercial


There’s not too much to say about this ad, especially if you haven’t seen it yet. Suffice to say it went viral a few years ago now, sending plenty of screams around offices and schools across the globe -and we bet it still catches out some unsuspecting family members to this day.


2. Carrie (2013) – Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

Getting your morning coffee fix can be a real ordeal sometimes. You’re half asleep, there is a huge line of people before you and you’re late for work. The one thing you don’t need is more drama. But that’s exactly what caffeine lovers in one New York coffee shop got in this video. The coffee shop was rigged up, the warring girl and guy are actors and it was all filmed to promote the 2013 remake of Carrie – a 70s horror film about a girl with telekinetic powers. During October of that year it attracted more than 2.1 million shares, making it not only the most shared ad of the month but also one of the top 10 most shared ads of the year.


1. Remco – Baby Laugh’s A Lot

An oldie but a goodie, this 70’s ad for a terrifying doll from Remco persists online as one creepiest videos of all time. There’s not one aspect of the ad that doesn’t contribute to just how terrifying it is. Whether it’s the grain from the VHS tape, a now-staple in modern horror, the sharp cuts between the turning heads and shocked faces of the children or simply the doll itself. Not to mention the bizarre voice-over, which might be the most unsettling bit.