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#ShareAMeal – Knorr Celebrates World Food Day With 1 Million Free Meals

To mark World Food Day this Sunday, Knorr – Unilever’s largest brand – is cooking up a simple social recipe to raise awareness about the fact that 1 in 4 people around the world do not receive the right vitamins and minerals to lead a healthy, active life.

Knorr has launched its #ShareAMeal campaign to encourage people across the world to join a conversation about the importance of nutritious food using the ‘world’s first truly global language’: emojis.

Knorr also released its own bit of emoji-tising with this announcement video, which sums up the campaign in an authentically charming way.



Those that post #ShareAMeal alongside a meal emoji on Twitter will receive a personalised ‘real-moji’ in response – a real photo perfectly matching their emoji meal. Knorr worked with talented photographers and food stylists to bring to life 10 different emoji meals, representing popular dishes from across the world. Knorr hopes that this social campaign will raise awareness for World Food Day and encourage people to donate. You can see Unruly’s example tweet below.



Once the campaign is complete, the Global Food Banking Network will use the donations to support their food bank network which consists of 792 local food banks in over 30 countries globally.

As well as this awareness campaign Knorr will also be donating the value of 1,000,000 school meals through its partnership with the World Food Programme.

Cathryn Sleight, Senior Vice President Knorr, said: “As a global food brand, we can use our scale to help address important global issues such as food security and nutrition. The #ShareAMeal mechanic makes a critical global issue relevant, shareable and topical in the news agenda and we’re hugely excited about what it can achieve.

“Together with the World Food Programme and the Global Food Banking Network, Knorr is investing in nutrition, giving more people the opportunity to reach their full potential and creating a community which believes in the importance of nutritious food being accessible to more people.”

Find out more about the campaign and how you can donate here.