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Unruly and AppNexus Join Forces To Bring Vertical Video to AppNexus Traders

Congratulations to the whole AppNexus team! We’re really excited that today our parent company, News Corp, announced its  $10m investment in the US ad tech company.

We’ve been working with AppNexus for quite some time and announced our fully integrated partnership in June of this year, when we combined the reach of AppNexus’ video buying platform with the media quality and audience scale of UnrulyX, the viewable video SSP.

Today, we’re delighted to be announcing a Vertical Video Initiative. AppNexus buyers will be able to programmatically execute a vertical video campaign, leveraging Unruly’s polite ad formats on premium media destinations in a vertical format that’s native to mobile and natural to consumers.

Unruly and AppNexus will also be working together to bring Unruly’s Vertical Video Collective to AppNexus buyers, a network of mobile-first content creators specialising in creating video for vertical viewing.

And in case you’re wondering why we’re so focused on screen orientation… vertical video has fast become consumers’ preferred way to watch mobile video. In fact, according to Unruly’s 2016 Mobile Video Survey, 53% of consumers find it annoying to turn their phone horizontally to watch a video and 43% of Millennials go as far as locking their cell phone in portrait mode.

Any buyers interested in finding out more about the vertical video marketplace can reach out to us at unrulyx@unrulygroup.com and as the ink dries on the AppNexus deal, we’re looking forward to working together to change the landscape of digital video advertising.