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Midnight Worlds & R8 Swirls: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly brings you the freshest, most interesting ads from around the web – so you can catch up on the great creatives you might have missed!

This week we have ads from Audi, H&M, Apple, Johnnie Walker and an interesting sound-off piece from the Hillary Clinton campaign.



5. Apple – Midnight


This atmospheric ad from Apple highlights its latest phone’s low-lighting mode and waterproof technology, and matches interesting cinematography with an enticing and mysterious soundtrack. A more conventional ad from the tech giant, but one that is as effective as it is visually appealing.


4. Audi and AirBnb: “Desolation”


If you’re into fast cars and outlandishly good holidays, then this ad and it’s offering is just for you. Audi has partnered with Airbnb to bring you a high-adrenaline stay with bragging rights worth shouting about.


3. Johnnie Walker – Ode To Lesvos

This moving piece from Johnnie Walker highlights the plight of many Syrian refugees currently trapped in Greece, and is a powerful and moving spot that succeeds in communicating its serious subject matter in an authentic way.


2. H&M: New Autumn Collection

This energetic spot from H&M celebrates all women, and is reminiscent of #ThisGirlCan and other big femvertising campaigns. The spot’s enthusiasm and energy helps drive its points about living life to the fullest home, and make the ad undeniably watchable.


1.  Hillary Clinton – Nyle DiMarco on the importance of voting

This latest spot from Hillary Clinton plays on one of the biggest trends and talking points in Adland right now – sound-off ads. The ad, featuring deaf activist Nyle DiMarco, encourages people to get out and vote this November – and succeeds without any sound at all.


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