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Sporting Stars & Parts For Cars: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly brings you the freshest, most interesting ads from around the web – so you can catch up on the great creatives you might have missed!

It was a nostalgic seven days in Adland this week – with Honda and Dos Equis revisiting some of their most iconic advertising moments.

Memories were also stirred by Cigna’s ‘TV Doctors’ spot, which reintroduced some of the small screen’s most beloved physicians.

Rounding out the list is an energetic spot from adidas, and a uniquely funny and honest ad from Maltesers.



5. Cigna – TV Doctors Of America


This spot from healthcare organisation Cigna will be a trip down memory lane for anyone who’s ever tuned into an American medical drama like E.R., Scrubs or House. The ad aims to get more people seeing actual doctors for an annual check-up by having stars of the aforementioned shows admit their ignorance – but seeing these familiar faces (and poses) will certainly do for now.


4. Dos EquisMeet the New Most Interesting Man in the World


Dos Equis’ ‘most interesting man in the world’ character was first launched in 2006 and has since taken on a life of its own, becoming one of the web’s most recognisable memes. However, the campaign underwent a big change this year when original actor Jonathan Goldsmith retired and was replaced by Augustin Legrand – featured for the first time in this spot. The ad shows off the character’s new action-oriented attitude and suave James Bond style, promising an exciting future for the brand while rebooting its iconic character.


3. adidas – Sport Needs Creators


This energetic and kinetic ad from adidas features more athletes than you could shake a hockey stick at, and succeeds in keeping you glued to the screen as it races through scenarios, pitches and ideas. The pounding music and urgent narration all add to the spot’s sense of speed and pace, and align perfectly with the brand’s sportiness.


2. Honda – Honda ‘Kog’

Honda revisited its iconic ‘Cog’ ad from 2002 this week, arguably one of the most memorable automotive ads ever made, only this time things don’t go quite so smoothly. The very short ad, produced by Honda Canada, starts off great, with the same opening shot of a cog rolling down a plank and starting a chain reaction. Things go downhill here, though, as the chain only makes it along three parts before stuttering and failing thanks to, as Honda tells us, a lack of ‘real’ Honda parts.


1. Maltesers – New Boyfriend

C4 made headlines this year with its empowering ‘We’re The Superhumans’ ad for the Paralympics, which showed disabled people doing some amazing things. This ad from Paralympics sponsor Maltesers has similar themes, starring a girl with cerebral palsy recounting a rather embarrassing romantic mishap to a group of friends. The ad is risqué, funny, and most importantly – honest.