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#dmexco 2016 Countdown – 10 Sessions You Can’t Miss

dmexco 2016 is less than two weeks away, but with more than 560 international speakers and over 250 hours of events across 15 stages, how do you know what’s worth seeing?

The line-up for this year’s conference in Cologne, Germany, which will run from September 14-15, is certainly very impressive, with numerous CEOs and CMOs of leading international companies such as Nestlé, LEGO, Mondeléz International, PepsiCo, P&G, Red Bull, and BMW talking about the key themes of video and the ‘connected world’.

But at Unruly we know it can be hard to plan your time and make the most of everything that conferences have to offer. So to help we’ve created a list of the 10 sessions you can’t miss at dmexco 2016.



1. The 120 Billion Dollar Industry: How Will AR Impact Brands & Agencies?

Wednesday, 14 September, 11:05-11:25 @ Experience Hall

Pokémon Go propelled the world of Augmented Reality into the mainstream in 2016, but what’s next for this exciting and emerging technology? In this session, Ambarish Mitra, CEO & Founder of Blippar, will share his thoughts on the future of AR and how it might change the marketing and advertising industries – as well as showing off some live stage demos.


2. When The Creative Genius Is A Machine – A Day In The Life Of 2020

Wednesday, 14 September, 14:40-15:10 @ Experience Hall

This session, featuring leaders from SAP, AOL and XAXIS, promises to examine what the future of Artificial Intelligence will mean for their work, and for the advertising and marketing industry as a whole. Will the machines take over? Or will it still be human brains and emotions that drive valuable user experiences?


3. Building For A Mobile-First World

Wednesday, 14 September, 12:25-12:50 @ Congress Hall

The spread of mobile technology has had a huge impact on the advertising industry – with mobile video spend increasing 98% in 2015 (Source: IAB). Join Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads and Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, for this talk as he shares insights and information from Google’s developments across YouTube, Search, Programmatic and Apps.


4. The New Creativity – Who Knew?

Wednesday, 14 September, 16:35-17:00 @ Congress Hall

Understanding the fragmented digital media landscape is an ever-changing challenge for marketers and advertisers. This conversation between Dana Anderson, SVP and CMO of Mondeléz International, and Geoffrey Ramsey, chairman and chief innovation officer of eMarketer, promises to be a provocative look at how brands can re-imagine creativity and create ‘Magnetic Content’.


5. Storytelling In The Age Of Snapchat

Wednesday, 14 September, 17:05- 17:30 @ Congress Hall

Snapchat is one of the biggest players in social video right now. In this talk, Imran Khan, Snapchat’s Chief Strategy Officer, will discuss the business’s approach to mobile advertising and the way video messaging is changing the way we communicate today.


6. Building A Global Media Platform Business – Changing Audiences Require Changing Businesses

Thursday, 15 September, 15:10-15:40 @ Congress Hall

In this discussion between BroadbandTV Founder & CEO, Shahrzad Rafati and Sam Dolnick, Associate Editor Digital at The New York Times, the two will discuss the future of content creation, monetisation, distribution models, the importance of community-building and the impact that emerging technologies will have on the way media is delivered.


7. Big Data – How Algorithms And Insights Can Shape Storytelling And Raise Profits

Wednesday, 14 September, 12:25-12:50 @ Experience Hall

In perhaps one of the most unique talks at dmexco, Matthew Luhn, 20-year Pixar veteran, will share how big data has been used to create great stories and characters in films like Toy Story 3, Inside Out, and beyond. The talk promises to focus on how data can help advertisers and publishers make meaningful connections with their audience.


8. Programmatic TV: It’s Just The Beginning

Thursday, 15 September, 11:10-11:45 @ Debate Hall

Programmatic trading and automation is set to revolutionise digital media buying – but what about old media? This talk, featuring leaders from Sky, Publicis Media and the Turner Group, will examine how TV trading is set to change over the coming decade – and how media and publishers can get ahead of the game.


9. Watch What Matters

Wednesday, 14 September, 15:35-16:10 @ Debate Hall

This panel, which brings together speakers from Facebook, Sky Media and Screen Force, will look at the changing face of TV media and discuss how companies can work together to demystify video metrics and set industry wide standards for measurement.


10. Programmatic Creativity – The Art Of Data-Enhanced Creation

Thursday, 15 September, 16:15-16:40 @ Debate Hall

The potential for programmatic, data-driven creativity to create greater relevance for the empowered individual and greater results for brands is undeniably exciting. In this talk, leaders from Jung Von Matt, Scholz & Friends and Zalando Media Solutions will share their latest best practice cases and discuss the future of insight-enhanced innovation.


Interested in what Unruly is up to at dmexco this year? You can find details of our very special UN-conference here.