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How To Reach The Right Audience And Bring Home Advertising Gold

Let the games begin!  With 55 Gold medals already given out, the 2016 Summer Games are in full swing. And this year advertisers have brought their A-game with the top shared Olympics ads already reaching more than 2.3 million shares.

But how can advertisers ensure they are making the most of their Olympic-sized investment? Starting with your TV commercial is great, but with Rio ratings down 28% from the London games, it’s more important than ever to extend the reach of your ad everywhere people are consuming video.

Even with more than $1.2 billion in Olympic advertising, NBC’s EVP of ad sales Seth Winter told Variety last summer that the there is great demand for digital inventory, but NBC simply doesn’t “have enough to satisfy everyone’s desire for that.”

Here are Unruly’s tips for advertisers looking to effectively stick the landing of their Olympics ads.


Programmatically Target Audiences and Boost Your Campaign with Relevant Private Market Places (PMPs)

According to a study by Accenuture, 87% of consumers use a second screen while watching TV. So as viewers watch their national hopefuls win or lose on the world’s biggest sporting stage, their next natural stop is a relevant website on a second screen to learn more, watch the replay, or simply read about the medalist’s training schedule.

One of the most efficient ways of capturing the natural viewing behavior of Olympics fans is to programmatically target them through contextually relevant private marketplaces. Be sure to ask your trading desks to keep an eye out for Olympics PMPs so you can ensure your ads are being watched by Olympics fans on premium sporting inventory throughout the Games.


Turn Your Ads On The Moment Gold Strikes

With some saying we could potentially have an Olympics with the best swimmer (Phelps), runner (Bolt) and gymnast (Biles) the world has ever seen, there is no doubt viewers will be tuning in to watch some (much anticipated) events more than others. Given Rio’s location, advertisers targeting audiences throughout North and South America as well as EMEA markets have the opportunity to sync up with the live coverage of the Games.

Take advantage of moment marketing to boost your digital campaign based on offline events. This means smart brands can sync their ads to a number of events, including running online ads when your competitors run their TVCs.


Don’t Just Reach People, Move People

It’s not enough to simply launch your Olympic tv ad online. Smart brands know how to use testing and targeting to be useful, not creepy.

By testing your ads ahead of your distribution launch date, it’s possible to find the specific subset of people that are most likely to love your ad. When it comes an international event like the Olympics, it’s more important than ever to make sure your ad is hitting the right tone and taking cultural similarities and differences into consideration. The Olympics is seen by many as one of the most uplifting global events bringing together athletes from every background, so the last thing you’d want is to appear tone-deaf.

The good news is there are already some tips to help make sure you’re hitting the right cord. According to data from Unruly Pulse, happiness is the most common emotion globally. This can be really helpful when planning your campaigns. However, when it comes to what supporting emotions and social motivations resonate globally, the answers can often be different. Testing and targeting before you campaign launches is the best way to ensure that you’re hitting the right audience with the right message to take home digital gold.

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