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Birthday Bread And Songs That Will Stay In Your Head: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

What do an owl backpack, 140 emojis and UK sitcom ‘Are You Being Served’ all have in common?

They all feature in our round-up of the top ads of the week – that’s what!

Every week we gather together five of the most interesting bits of video creative on the web, and present them in this handy list just for you.

In this week’s round-up, Strongbow helps restore a bit of British pride, Warburton’s and Heathrow Airport celebrate birthdays in style and Esso makes us cry.



5. Strongbow – Own It


Official Team GB supporter Strongbow tries to get the nation fired up ahead of the Rio Games in this chest-beating Olympic spot.


4. Audi – Everyday Extremes

Audi tests its latest Quattro model is one of the toughest, least forgiving environments known to mankind – a department store. Watch out for the theme tune to popular UK sitcom ‘Are You Being Served?’. 


3. Warburtons – Celebrating 140 Years

Warburtons takes emojitising to the next level to celebrate its 140th birthday. 


2. Heathrow Airport – First Flight


Heathrow Airport celebrates its 70th birthday in style – with its first-ever commercial. Featuring a little-known David Bowie track and an adorable 5-year-old girl travelling through the airport with her owl suitcase, we think this one has wings.


1. Esso – Sophie’s Journey


Meet Sophie – the senior star of Esso’s latest ad campaign, ‘Sophie’s Journey’, which is sure to have you reaching for the tissues. We join Sophie as she endures all manner of weather conditions and challenges on a epic road trip to be reunited with a former love. (Not entirely sure why she did not use the plane, but still…)