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Love Stories & Sporting Glories: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week we gather together five of the most interesting bits of video creative on the web, and present them in this handy list just for you.

We see the summer of sport continue this week with a selection of ads that will definitely make you want to get up and go!

Our hand-picked batch features the elusive singer-songwriter Frank ‘where-is-that-third-album’ Ocean in the latest Calvin Klein ads, as well as powerful and empowering spots from Nike and Channel 4 that celebrate the joy of sport.

Oh, and there’s also an ad from the Ad Council featuring a robotic seagull that, well, you probably should just watch and see…



5. Calvin Klein – I Frank Ocean in #mycalvins

ICYMI: the internet loves Frank Ocean. The 28-year-old made waves in 2013 with his second album ‘Channel Orange’, but has been silent ever since. His third effort has been awaited with baited breath, but in the meantime he’s teamed up with Calvin Klein to be the star of its Summer/Fall campaigns. In this spot he ruminates on his relationship with music, does a stellar Michael Jackson lean, and is generally mysterious.


4. Ad Council – Care from the Air

This ad from the Ad Council is already being touted online as the worst ad of the year, and it really has to be seen to be believed. Starring the kind of off-the-wall product design that’s actually pretty commonplace in 2016, the spot shows some peculiar scientists and engineers develop an even more peculiar way to get kids wearing sunscreen. Expensive and probably pretty unsafe, their method of delivery is at least inventive…


3. Chipotle – Love Story


Chipotle’s Love Story is a surprisingly effective spot that uses Pixar-style animation to tell the story of two children that set up competing food stands in their gardens. The story quickly escalates, as the kids grow up and open fully-fledged restaurants, before landing on a sweet ending that extols the virtues of producing simple and organic food.


2. Nike – Da Da Ding


#Femvertising is here to stay, and for good reason. 2016 has been a great year for empowering ads, and this latest Nike spot definitely deserves a place amongst the ‘This Girl Can’s of the world. Its fast-paced tone and thumping soundtrack match the message perfectly as it shows some of India’s most impressive female athletes competing and excelling.


1. Channel 4 – We’re The Superhumans

In 2012 Channel 4 received praise for their portrayal of the incredible athletes that took part in the London Paralympics and have repeated this formula ahead of the Rio Olympics. The ad is startling, inspiring and undoubtedly impressive. Featuring a range of athletes that rarely see the limelight, the ad shows us individuals whose determination and refusal to back down stands as a testament to the power of perseverance.


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