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Unruly Welcomes Seho Lee as VP, Programmatic Sales In NYC

Seho Lee this week joined Unruly as VP Sales, Programmatic. Based in New York, Seho will lead Unruly’s programmatic sales efforts and brings years of experience in the industry, holding roles at Sizmek, Millennial Media and Conversant.

Seho’s known for his knowledge in both programmatic and mobile, so we sat down to pick his brain on his view on the industry and his thoughts on how the programmatic landscape is changing.

Here’s what we learned:


Can you tell us about your new role at Unruly?

I lead programmatic sales efforts for our viewable video SSP UnrulyX, working with advertisers, agencies and their respective trading desks and programmatic business units.

My goal is to work with our awesome sales team to help them educate buyers across the programmatic and video landscape on how to best activate UnrulyX’s premium video inventory and unique ad formats in a relevant, scalable and brand safe environment that will help them meet their client KPI’s and objectives.

What was appealing to you about Unruly?

First and foremost the people I was able to meet and the work culture I sensed throughout the recruitment process. Second, I really bought into Unruly’s story and mission statement to provide better value in video advertising for both advertisers and publishers.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Unruly is in a very unique position that is primed for business growth with the many different solutions and services we have available to #deliverwow.

When you are able to combine our truly unique and first to market ad formats in outstream, native and vertical video across a highly premium roster of publisher partners including the media giant in our parent company News Corp, and then can sprinkle on vast amounts of data and insights using a one of kind metric in emotion, it’s hard not to be excited about the opportunities you can provide for your customers at Unruly.

What’s a problem you see in the industry and how would you fix it?

As with any industry, there are always a handful of bad actors. In a programmatic ecosystem, the bad actors are those who contribute towards fraud, bot traffic, unviewable ad placements and crappy user experiences for consumers. So while the infrastructure ad tech created for programmatic buying and selling was designed to create more transparency, control and efficiency, the bad actors are continuously weighing down on the advantages.

Unruly is in a great position to combat the bad actors. As a company, we have done a fantastic job of negating the value of these bad actors by forming direct relationships with premium publishers, implementing an in-depth system of internal brand safety controls and working closely with industry-leading 3rd party measurement partners.  

What are you most excited to tackle in your new role?

What I am most excited about is having the opportunity with so many hard working and talented individuals there are at Unruly across the board.

I’m also excited to tackle integrating UnrulyX into our many growing business units by helping steer the ship for programmatic knowledge, product development and of course….sales 🙂

What makes you Unruly?

I am Unruly in the way I think and in my creativity.
I think Unruly, as a company, creates a great environment for you to be innovative in how you want to accomplish things and be more strategic without too many walls or boundaries.

What’s your favorite social video?

To get in touch with Seho, you can tweet at him @digi_seho or email him at seho.lee@unrulygroup.com.